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GMBA consultant achieves significant recognition

Veda Pretorius was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the SABBEX Industry Awards evening hosted on May 31st in Cape Town. This is significant recognition of the work Veda has done within the industry in South Africa.

Bruce Tedder, Chairman of SABBEX stated, “Veda was one of the originals and I recall the first employee of SABBEX. She then took over running SABBEX, CTBi and set the solid foundations for what SABBEX is now. A legend of the boatbuilding sector in SA”.

The theme for this year’s Awards dinner was “On the Shoulder of Giants” and recognized those personalities and businesses who had paved the way for other businesses in South Africa to achieve success in global markets.

In speaking about Veda the Chairman of SABBEX highlighted the fact that Veda had paved the way for other women to continue to drive the development of the organization. Two women following in these footsteps are Vanessa Davidson and Thina Qutywa, both working closely with industry to create the best possible environment for marine industry members to thrive and survive.

Since leaving SABBEX, Veda has been the South African based consultant for Global Marine Business Advisors (GMBA) and has worked closely with other consultants on several key projects making a valuable contribution to the success and ongoing growth of GMBA.

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