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GMBA Signs Agreement with Deloitte Italy

Global Marine Business Advisors (GMBA) has announced the signing of a significant agreement with Deloitte Italy.

Deloitte and GMBA have been discussing the formation of this relationship for some time with the focus on leveraging each other’s experience, skills, expertise, and contacts within the global maritime industry.

Deloitte provides Audit & Assurance, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory, Tax and Legal services to public and private sector clients in a variety of industries. With a network of entities in more than 150 countries, Deloitte has at hand a range of international expertise as well as extensive local knowledge to assist clients to achieve their business goals. The relationship developed with GMBA will enhance this.

The Italian marine industry is a leading international player, ranking among the best in the world and in first place for orders of super-yachts (boats over 24 metres long). Despite the crisis due to the pandemic, the Italian nautical industry has overcome the challenge with flying colours.  The Italian industry continues as a major global player and is a sector in continuous growth. This is a complex sector, made up of large workforces and high-end shipyards that guarantee the undisputed quality of Made in Italy worldwide. This sector generates work for many companies that work alongside shipyards, offering them activities and ancillary services.

Jouko Huju, one of the founding members of GMBA, said: “Working together with an organisation like Deloitte Italy opens new areas of services we can provide to the boating and marine industries around the world. The 19 members of GMBA in 18 countries around the world on all continents, will provide Deloitte Italy with a unique insight into local industries, markets, and companies. The agreement will enable multinational projects in a whole new scale. With better access to information and knowledge around the world, the agreement will also improve GMBA’s services to the SME’s, especially in their search for new export markets”.

Tommaso Nastasi, Partner of Deloitte Italy

Tommaso Nastasi, Partner of Deloitte Italy and Value Creation Service Leader, said: “We are thrilled to partner with GMBA in our shared mission to support the development of the boating and marine industry. This collaboration represents a remarkable synergy between two industry leaders, and we are excited about the opportunities it will bring. Our experience and network, along with GMBA’s knowledge of the industry, will allow us to help companies of all size to face the current industry shift and face future challenges”.  This is an important step forward for GMBA, who have been in business since 2019 and continue to support marine industry businesses around the globe.

Veda Pretorius Chairperson of GMBA

Veda Pretorius newly elected Chairperson of GMBA, sees this development as another positive move by GMBA to be able to offer the best possible cooperation with one of the world’s leading consultancy groups. “This relationship is important for GMBA and is one we have put considerable effort into developing and finalizing.  It is another step in the continuing progress of our group”.

The international presence of GMBA extends to 18 countries around the globe ensuring a significant global footprint and the ability to offer extensive expertise to Deloitte.

The Global Marine Business Advisor group (GMBA) has grown over the past 3 years with a key focus being on working with businesses who wish to expand their export markets.

The recent GMBA conference held in Petersfield in the United Kingdom, discussed key issues affecting the industry, environmental and sustainability issues, developing technologies, the position of boat shows post covid and the current economic climate affecting the marine industry.

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