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New investment in Marine Jobs calls for united industry approach

Marine Jobs is an industry initiative driven by a collaboration of the Marina Industries Association (MIA), the Boating Industry Association Ltd (BIA) and Superyacht Australia (SYA). The Marine Industry continues to be impacted by the tight labour market and renewed investment intends to further support industry in finding more efficient ways to target suitable job seekers and promote the marine industry as a preferred career choice.

Many marine businesses, particularly members of the MIA, BIA & SYA support Marine Jobs by posting their job listings. Every dollar from every listing is invested in targeted initiatives to attract job seekers to the platform to ensure that Marine Jobs becomes the ‘go to’ place for anyone looking for a job in the marine sector. Generalist recruitment sites do not provide adequate visibility or well targeted search functions for marine industry jobs and opportunities. Marine Jobs enables workers in the industry to easily identify opportunities and career pathways when they are ready to explore their next career step.

The founding partners of have committed to furthering the reach and exposure of Marine Jobs by jointly funding a dedicated resource who will be charged with rolling out a partner acquisition and job seeker promotion strategy. The initial funding has been committed to for 12 months to and continuation thereafter will be determined on how it is embraced by industry and its success.

Maria Hobbs

To take the strategy forward, Maria Hobbs has been appointed as the Marine Jobs Business Development Officer. Maria has a strong background in sales & marketing in industries including boating, marine and real estate. She is a passionate sailor and holds skipper & crew RYA qualifications.

Suzanne Davies, CEO of the MIA commented, “Maria’s love of boating combined with her career experience is a great outcome for this role. Having worked in, and owned marine businesses, Maria knows what industry needs and how to connect with it. Best of all, Maria applied for the role having seen it on Marine Jobs, so she is already sold on it!”

The primary function of the new position is to engage with other marine associations and bodies to encourage their members to use and promote the Marine Jobs recruitment platform. David Good, CEO Superyacht Australia explained, “The aim is to deepen Marine Jobs’ engagement in broader industry sectors such as other recreational boating associations, ports, shipping, cruising etc.”

Job Seeker promotional campaigns will be centralised and co-ordinated by the new Marine Jobs Business Development Officer and rolled out through all partner associations and bodies.

Recent SEO and social media promotional initiatives have driven ‘Job Views’ to some of the highest levels since Marine Jobs was launched nearly two years ago. Unfortunately, job postings are down.

Andrew Scott, CEO BIA Ltd, said, “Industry is encouraged to support our commitment by continuing to post jobs and promote the Marine Jobs recruitment platform. Attracting and retaining workers to our industry is something we all need to do together. As we all know, marine is a great career choice”.

With the opening of the recruitment platform more broadly, more jobs will be posted from the broader industry making it more meaningful to a wider range of marine workers. The additional postings will provide additional funds to reinvest in targeting job seekers already within the industry and attracting new workers to the marine sector.

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