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MSQ expands Manly trial of Boat Ramp Information System

MSQ’s first Boat Ramp Information System device, installed by MSQ at the northern boat ramp in Manly Boat Harbour, has proved the catalyst for an expanded project with installation of new devices at the boat ramps in Scarborough Boat Harbour and Mourilyan Harbour.

The Manly Boat Harbour installation’s primary purposes were to trial marine safety messaging and collect ramp usage data. The device is at the top of the boat ramp and is separate to the 6 knots speed limit advisory monitor at the harbour entrance.

The new devices at the Scarborough and Mourilyan boat ramps will display weather data and other safety messaging to boaties while also gathering data on such things as traffic density and vessel usage patterns.

This helps MSQ evaluate how boaties use infrastructure and how new infrastructure can be improved in design or configuration.

The success of the device installed at Manly, in terms of providing useful planning data, led to a decision to install the additional camera systems at Scarborough and Mourilyan.

This pilot stage of the project has seen MSQ, in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, commit approximately $550,000 (excluding GST) in funding for an extended trial.

The trial will include devices that will have a different purpose and functionalities to be installed in the Noosa River, Noosa River entrance bar and Mission Beach (Clump Point) in August-October 2023.

These are designed to collect data on how the waterways are being used.

The Noosa River bar device will track how many vessels are entering and leaving the river daily, while the upstream Noosa River device will have more of a regulatory monitoring purpose, providing information on vessel speed, distance from the shore, vessel sizes and shapes, and on recreational fishing effort and behaviours.

All devices will be powered by green energy, running off solar panels and battery systems.

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