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Children safely returned to shore by Marine Rescue Port Kembla after boat began taking on water off Illawarra Coast

Two children fishing with two adults have been rescued from a vessel which was taking on water approximately six nautical miles (11kms) off Scarborough on Saturday morning.

 The adult skipper of the distressed vessel called Marine Rescue NSW around 8am (August 5, 2023) after the 6 metre open runabout began taking on a large amount of water on return from a fishing trip off Stanwell Park.

The skipper who had Logged On with Marine Rescue NSW at the beginning of the voyage told the radio operator at Marine Rescue Port Kembla that they were unable to keep up with bailing water out of the vessel.

Marine Rescue NSW Inspector Stuart Massey tasked a crew on board Port Kembla 31 to attend the at risk vessel in case the situation deteriorated.

“Port Kembla 31 reached the distressed vessel quickly and they relocated the two children to the rescue vessel while two adults remained on board the at risk boat.

“Port Kembla 31 shadowed the distressed vessel back to the harbour in case the water ingress situation escalated,” Inspector Massey said.

“The children were safely taken on board PK 31 and reunited with the adults from the distressed vessel at Bellambi Harbour.

“We advise boaters to contact Marine Rescue NSW immediately via VHF channel 16 or mobile phone if their vessel starts taking on water,” he said.

Inspector Massey said the skipper of the vessel involved did everything correctly but things can happen unexpectedly in the offshore environment.

“This morning’s incident off the Illawarra Coast had a great outcome but situations like these can turn quickly into life-threatening emergencies,” Inspector Massey said.

The skipper of the distressed vessel, Lloyd was very happy to be back on land.

“All safe and secured by Marine Rescue Port Kembla, they all got us back on land so a big thumbs up to you guys,” he said.

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