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Dunbier Launches Sports Centreline 2024 Series

Dunbier have just revealed an all new Sports Centreline Series trailer that is a real head turner.

Targeting the Aussie “Tinnie Market” these new models are a complete re-think on what has arguably become a very stagnant part of the trailer market from a design perspective.

Andrew Murphy explains the new features to Andrew Ettingshausen

Andrew Murphy (National Sales Manager) went on to say; “The Sports Centreline series hasn’t really changed for almost 20 years, we originally developed it in 2003, based on the market wants and needs at the time.

You can see it has had a huge influence on the market since its original launch as many of our competitors very quickly adopted some of its key features. As they say, imitation is the finest form of flattery!”

He went on to say “But let’s be honest, the Tinnie boat market has evolved, the outboard engine platforms have evolved, they are not the same boats as they were… so it’s time the trailers that carry them evolve as well. The new model lineup addresses all the small issues that “Stock Tinnie” trailers face, and in other areas simply blows them out of the water!”

According to the launch material, trailers in the game changing new series boast a 60% increase in roller count, along with a brand new roller rack keel ladder system, additional cross members and new cradle geometry, all providing big increases in hull support and protection.

Launch and retrieve is dramatically improved with an impressive 200% increase in approach angles, a unique redesigned rear cradle and new entry guides, plus a novel new “Big Mouth” roller bracket that all combine to make sure your Tinnie sits straights every time.

Dunbier’s new Sports Centreline 2024 Series not only makes a splash with usability and functionality, it’s tough and rugged as well. Built from durable galvanised steel, it features new heavy duty checker plate light brackets that incorporate a tie down point and handy rear steps. Plus of course an additional cross member up forward to support the increased loads that come with trolling motors, electric anchor winches and advanced battery systems.

Available to suit boats 4.4m to 6.2m in size from later on this season, the Sports Centreline 2024 series is the perfect trailer for your tinnie. With over 400 dealerships Australia wide, Dunbier has ensured the Sports Centreline 2024 series will be available across the entire country from November.

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