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Centre of Excellence FSWR

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA), has announced Surf Life Saving Tasmania (SLST) as a National Centre of Excellence (COE) to enhance the Flood and Swift Water Rescue (FSWR) capabilities of surf lifesavers nationally.

Tasmanian surf lifesavers have excelled in recent years in this specialised area and have been called upon to assist flood victims in Tasmania, and other states.

This National COE will draw on SLST’s experience and research in international best practice to educate and equip surf lifesaving volunteers from around Australia with the necessary skills to perform flood and swift water rescues.

This is the first National Centre of Excellence for Surf Life Saving Australia.

President’s Award 2023

In 2023 the inaugural President’s Award is presented to Andrew Fogarty and Adrian Petrie for the dedication and commitment to the development of flood and swift water rescue.

The President’s Award is awarded in recognition of a member’s significant contribution to the surf life saving movement in Tasmania and the advancement of surf lifesaving at state level.  Recipients of this Award will often be members who may not easily be identified in other SLST Award categories.

Adrian and Andrew’s commitment and passion to support SLST’s Flood & Swift Water Rescue capacity over the years in partnership with the SLST State Office Team has greatly assisted SLST to be recognised as the SLSA National Centre of Excellence for Flood & Swift Water Rescue in Australia.

Their involvement includes

  • SLST’s Flood & Swift Water rescue response since the initial 2017 Flood & Swift Water Training
  • Involvement in the Flood & Swift Water Rescue Symposium hosted in Hobart 2018 with the support of the US and UK support, and involving surf life saving members from across Australia.  Involved in the 2019 Disaster Response Symposium
  • Active facilitators of member and emergency service flood and swift water rescue courses for intrastate and interstate participants, including training of Tasmanian Emergency Services from Police and Ambulance
  • Actively deployed to Tasmanian flood incidents
  • Deployed to NSW as part of the operational team in March 2022, undertaking Team Leader roles
  • Ongoing review and development of Flood & Swift Water training resources, PPE and trialling gear & equipment
  • Support for planning, delivery and logistics of SLST’s Flood & Swift Water training and requalification of surf life saving members
  • Supporting SLST Flood & Swift Water Rescue team members in their professional development and local response/PPE kit caches.

Andrew Fogarty is a past member of Clifton Beach and Kingston Beach SLSC, and SLST Duty Officer. Andrew is an active member of the Kingborough VMR, SLST’s RWC Support Operations and Flood & Swift Water Rescue team.

Adrian Petrie is a member of Carlton Park SLSC, a past SLST Duty Officer and RWC Support Operations and an active member of SLST’s Flood & Swift Water Rescue team.

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