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UIM E1 World Championship Launches Pilot Academy

With the UIM E1 World Championship getting underway in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in early 2024 – and team announcements gathering pace – training a new generation of racing stars in the UIM E1 Pilot Academy is about to get underway. The search is on for male and female athletes with experience in motorsport, cycling, Esports, extreme sports and high-speed sports who want to test their mettle in the world’s first all-electric boat racing series.

The Academy is managed by Nina Dreier who has previously worked with esteemed companies like Red Bull, Formula E and Extreme E, providing an invaluable experience in the sports marketing and entertainment industry.

“The UIM E1 World Championship is a fresh, unparalleled sport, requiring a unique vision. As project manager of the UIM E1 Pilot Academy, I’m devoted to creating a truly global competition, fostering inclusivity across sport disciplines. Together, we’ll nurture world-class RaceBird pilots, igniting the championship with their competitive drive and captivating fans worldwide.” - Nina Dreier, UIM Pilot Academy Programme Manager

Along with expert tuition from other notable figures in the marine industry, candidates will undergo an advanced training course designed to test their racecraft skills at close quarters, in different vessels and in varying water conditions. The process will culminate in August and September across Saudi Arabia, Italy and the UK, before the final 20 pilots are revealed in October.

“It truly will be an exciting time to see all the pilots coming together at the new UIM E1 Pilot Academy. We are seeking pioneers and ambassadors with racing in their blood, who can push the boundaries of a totally new form of racing and who will be integral to working out how to get the most out of the Racebirds. The Academy is not only put in place to see how well the pilots adapt to the new sensations of flying meets powerboating, but also to understand the rules, regulation and intricacies of this brand new sport.” - Steve Curtis, offshore powerboat racer and UIM E1 advisor

Following the search, UIM E1 World Championship teams and pilots will make their competitive debut in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia before racing again in Venice, Monaco, Rotterdam and more locations yet to be announced throughout 2024.

“Creating the UIM E1 Pilot Academy is a pioneering initiative, as it will add mastering foiling technology and electric propulsion to Powerboat racers’ alphabet, and I can’t wait to see the first male and female protagonists emerging from the Academy.” - Raffaele Chiulli, President of UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique)

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