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Expansion in the deep south


Set to be completed by early September, the home of Stabicraft’s manufacturing in the windswept city of Invercargill, New Zealand, is undergoing an extension.

Located in the South Island of New Zealand, Invercargill is home to Stabicraft and the infamous, rugged westerly winds named the ‘Roaring Forties’. The harshness and unforgiving environment of the ‘Roaring Forties’ has contributed to Stabicraft’s legendary toughness, by way of both inspiration and as a continuous testing ground. The boats are engineered accordingly to adventure with confidence in all conditions.

“Invercargill is our home, and what better testing ground than Roaring Forties to ensure our boats are in line with what we believe is core to what we offer the market. Having been out testing myself with other Adventure Engineers, I can assure you we are in the right place to pressure test our boats.” – CEO Aaron Greene

Stabicraft is growing with incredible demand, and has expanded their operations to keep up! The extension on-site allows production to move the routers and presses out of the main fabrication area, significantly reducing noise levels for the rest of the team. It will also open up the currently occupied large floor area, allowing the implementation of linear boat-building streams, less congestion and double handling.

“Initiatives like the extension in Invercargill, as well as our development in Port Angeles are key to our plans moving forward. It will enable us to continue to service the needs of our markets and support ongoing growth.” – CEO Aaron Greene

Stabicrafts facilities have been through various changes since the late 1980s. Logistic challenges and demand from North America exceeding New Zealand facilities motivated the company’s recent development of a 16,800-square-foot manufacturing facility in Port Angeles, Washington, USA.

Designed by Stabicraft in New Zealand and built in Port Angeles USA, the limited edition 2250 Ultra Centrecab ‘Alpha’ is available in America and Canada. Owners of the ALPHA Package will become part of the Stabicraft ‘Limited 100 Club’, which marks the first 100 USA-built Stabicraft boats.

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