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Matt Hundleby: A Lifetime of Expertise in the Marine Industry

In the world of boating, Matt Hundleby is a name synonymous with expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication. With almost 40 years of experience in the marine sector, Matt has recently embarked on an exciting new journey as the principal of Avast Marine Surveyors and Avast Marine Services, and his story is one of inspiration and achievement.

Matt’s journey began as an apprentice at the renowned Halvorsen Boats, where he honed his skills as a shipwright and boatbuilder. This early experience laid the foundation for his deep understanding of boats’ construction, maintenance, and repair.

His commitment to excellence led him to become a qualified Marine Surveyor, making him a trusted authority in assessing the seaworthiness of vessels.

With over 25 years of experience in boatshed, marina and marina operations management in Sydney Harbour, Matt’s insights into boaters’ needs are rare and he is one of only around 400 Certified Marina Managers world-wide. His tenure as the Marina Manager and prior to that as Operations Manager at Sydney Ship Repair and Engineering (Goat Island), gave him the responsibility of maintaining and repairing a wide range of vessels, from pleasure craft to Sydney Ferries, spanning lengths from 26 to 120 feet. This hands-on experience has provided Matt with invaluable knowledge about the intricacies of boat repair and maintenance, allowing him to give expert advice in many areas of boating. Matt’s role at the coalface of boat storage allowed him to engage with customers directly, gaining valuable insights into their buying and operational needs. This hands-on approach and personal interaction underscore his commitment to providing the highest level of service and support.

Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his past ventures, including partnering in owning a boatshed operation in Sydney Harbour. Here, he took on multiple roles, from Marine Surveyor to Marine Broker, shipwright, and slipway operator, where the business provided specialised restorations and refits. He even ventured into setting up his shipwright business and boat brokerage based in Brooklyn, demonstrating his versatility and deep-seated passion for the marine industry.

Furthermore, Matt’s international experience includes working for a London-based boatbuilder and serving as a Bosun for a charter company in Corsica and Sardinia. These global adventures not only expanded his horizons but also enriched his knowledge of boating on an international scale.

Matt understands that customer satisfaction is paramount in the brokerage business. With years of experience as a broker, he knows that a satisfied customer often becomes a repeat customer, a testament to his commitment to building lasting relationships within the boating community.

His qualifications as a shipwright and boatbuilder set him apart in the marine surveying field. Matt’s ability to explain and prioritize survey findings helps clients understand the crucial aspects of vessel assessment, empowering them to make informed decisions. One of Matt’s remarkable achievements is the successful slipping of over 6000 boats. His dedication to this essential aspect of boat ownership showcases his commitment to ensuring the safety and longevity of vessels under his care.

With nearly 50 years of personal experience in recreational boating, Matt is uniquely positioned to guide clients towards selecting the ideal vessel for their specific needs. His wealth of knowledge ensures that every boater receives tailored advice, enhancing their overall boating experience.

Beyond his impressive professional journey, Matt’s dedication to the marine industry is evident in his involvement with industry associations. He actively participated in the Shipwrights and Boat Builders Association committee, served as the Marina Association Chair, and contributed as a board member of the Boating Industry Association. These roles demonstrate his commitment to advancing the marine sector and sharing his wealth of knowledge with others.

Matt Hundleby’s story is one of a lifelong dedication to the marine industry. His expertise, experience, and passion make him an invaluable asset to boaters and the industry as a whole. As he continues to lead Avast Marine Surveyors and Avast Marine Services, his legacy of excellence in the marine world will undoubtedly endure for generations to come.

Matt’s business not only provides an excellent opportunity for those needing a marine surveyor, but also provides a foray for those looking for marina management expertise.

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