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Learn and Earn with Stabicraft

After four dedicated and hardworking years, Jorja, Katie and Brittany are ready to complete their boat-building apprenticeships at the end of 2023.

Their journey into the world of boat building began when they stumbled upon the boat-building apprenticeship during their high school years. Flexible hours and the chance to earn while they learn quickly drew them to join the Stabicraft team.

This apprenticeship has been an exciting ride, teaching them various skills – welding, assembly, accessorising, boat finishing, how to use various tools and even mastering CNC routers. They’ve become boat-building stars, and these skills enhance their current roles and open doors to a sea of opportunities within Stabicraft and the entire industry.

Katie, Brittany and Jorja show great confidence noticing their training welds improve and industry knowledge expand, this keeps the team motivated and dedicated to learning as much as possible during their four years of hands-on factory work and night classes. They say that the most rewarding part of the apprenticeship is seeing the boats they’ve worked on displayed at dealerships internationally or spotted on local waters.

These girls are adventure-driven and they pack their free time with exciting hobbies. They’re up for anything, whether it’s the adrenaline rush of clay target shooting, surfing waves, going fishing, riding in jet boats, or even getting into kickboxing.

For other women who are looking at starting a boat-building apprenticeship, the girls’ advice is, “Don’t be afraid. Just because it’s a male-dominated industry or you have no previous experience that doesn’t mean you can’t do the role. Everyone is capable, and the team is friendly, too.”

Katie, Brittany, and Jorja’s journey through the boat-building apprenticeship is a testament to their dedication and passion. Their commitment to learning, improving welding skills and expanding industry knowledge, is commendable. The boat-building apprenticeship combines hands-on learning, job security, and personal fulfilment. It’s a wave worth riding!

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