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News from Marine and Safety Tasmania – October 2023

Are you ready for Summer?

One more month of spring then we are into summer and the boating season will really start to get underway. Now is the time to be checking your boat and all the gear. If you haven’t already done so, book the motor in for a service and if you have a trailer boat, get the wheel bearings checked on your trailer. There is nothing worse than heading out with family or friends, only to spend hours on the side of the road with a failed wheel bearing.

Also, check that you have serviced your inflatable life jacket. Remember, these must be serviced to the manufacturer’s recommendations; failure to do so may result in a fine. So often we see people spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars in updating their fishing gear, but begrudge having to pay $50 on something that may just save their lives. If you have purchased an inflatable life jacket, you also have an obligation to ensure it will look after you!

Are your flares in date? If not, consider an Electronic Visual Distress Signal (EVDS). Go to the MAST website to learn more about these. They are a really good option and more environmentally friendly than pyrotechnic flares. Another question you must consider is whether your safety gear is stored in a location on board that is suitable and easy to access in just seconds.

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New Fishing Rules

Statistics show us that around 80% of boaters go fishing. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania, the Government Department responsible for fishing, is expected to release the new rules shortly and these are scheduled to start on 1 November 2023. MAST understands licence renewals have been sent.

Any enquiries should be sent to

Infrastructure Projects

MAST has always been transparent with our stakeholders on how we fund infrastructure through licence and registration fees. MAST has spent almost $30 million since 1997 upgrading old and building new facilities to make boating better. More works are scheduled over the next six months in different parts of the state.

A new navigation channel has recently been dredged at Triabunna. This has taken out the dogleg near Parkers Jetty, giving a straighter line into the port area and boat ramp. An upgrade is almost complete at Pirates Bay with an extension to the walkway adjacent to the launching ramp. This will give greater berthing space for those retrieving their car and trailer. The scheduled works at Little Pine Lagoon have been postponed until Autumn due to lake levels. This project will be well received by inland anglers when completed. Works at Lake Binney were finished a couple of months ago. An extension to Freemans Jetty is getting closer with the successful tenderer notified and works are due to commence after the busy Easter period. A revamp of the walkway at Kelso is also getting closer, with these works about to go to tender.

The much-anticipated work at Eddystone Point is also imminent. Car park works have been completed and the ramp and walkway upgrade, being managed by Parks and Wildlife Service, will commence by Easter 2024. Along the north-west coast, the South Burnie launching area will benefit from the soon-to-be-constructed stepped-down concrete walkway and the works planned by the Burnie City Council in repairing the timber jetty.

As you can see there is a lot happening on the infrastructure side. Approvals for projects do take time to be completed, but rest assured our staff work tirelessly to get these approvals through as soon as possible.

School Education

One of MAST’s greatest achievements is the work it does with the Boatsafe school education program. Every year children from grades 3, 4 and 5 take part in the swimming and water safety program run by the Department of Education, Children and Young People (DEYCP) – formerly the Department of Education.

It is anticipated around 14,000 children have access to the Boatsafe Program each year. In addition to this MAST also visits schools to speak with children from all grades about boating safety. This is called phase 2 of the Boatsafe program and so far this year, MAST has visited 85 schools and spoken with 9,079 children about boating safety. Over 20,000 children per year are exposed to boating safety – what an achievement. MAST thanks the DEYCP for their ongoing commitment and support for this important education process. With Tassie having more boats per head of population than any other State or Territory in the country, the support and popularity of the Boatsafe program will only benefit the boaters of the future.

Education Nights

MAST has conducted a couple of education nights recently. Whilst numbers have not been overwhelming, those attending have had a great time and have left with a few extra safe boating tips.

Lake Burbury Fishing Competition

This popular fishing competition will be held over the weekend of 24-26 November 2023. Run by the Queenstown Anglers Club Inc, the competition starts on Friday, 24 November at 7.00am and concludes on Sunday, 26 November at 10.00am.

Entries are now open. More information is available on the club website at It is always a really great social event as well as a fishing competition, so make a weekend of it and enter now.

Buying or Selling a Boat?

Please remember the new legislation when buying or selling a boat.

Go to the MAST website for more details.

MAST Website – Second Hand Boats

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