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BRP watercrafts ride a wave of acclaim in Asia Pacific with Good Design Awards from Australia and Japan

BRP is riding a wave of recognition as it sees two of its watercraft receive coveted awards from Good Design Awards contests. The personal watercraft Sea-Doo Explorer Pro and the Quintrex Freestyler X boat are both recipients of this prestigious award, a testimonial to BRP’s commitment to ingenuity and excellence in its designs, to ensure the very best experience for riders. These latest honours bring BRP’s impressive collection to more than 165 design awards.

Denys Lapointe, BRP’s Chief Design Officer, was in Tokyo to receive the Good Design Awards Japan: “Our design teams in Canada, the United States and Europe are inspired by nature and motivated by a desire to enable exploration and discovery. In the past few years, we have been driven to design crafts that democratise access to recreational activities, allowing a wider range of people to discover or rediscover nature near and far, maximising their time and enjoyment with family and friends.”

About our award-winning products

Sea-Doo Explorer Pro – winner of both Good Design Awards Japan and Australia

The Sea-Doo Explorer Pro is a personal watercraft (PWC) designed specifically for people seeking adventure and discovery on the water. It is the most adventure ready, out-of-the-box PWC. The design team focused on ergonomics, protection from the elements, storage and efficiency on board. The PWC’s traditional look and functionality have been updated and the padded seat, knee pads and adjustable handlebars allow adventurers unparalleled comfort and a pleasant ride in a variety of positions. Also, adventure seekers can ride as a multi-day, self contained exploration package with its massive storage capabilities, fuel efficient load hauling power, and unmatched stability.

Quintrex Freestyler X – winner of the Good Design Awards Australia

The Quintrex Freestyler X was designed for boaters of all experience levels at a more accessible price, and is a case study in optimisation, technology and expression. Its holistic design, derived from BRP’s proprietary Stretch forming aluminium transformation process, provides a distinctive look and feel. Ergonomics were improved from bow to stern with special attention paid to the helm. With its revolutionary and paradigm-shifting design, the Rotax S engine is positioned horizontally, tucked away out-of-sight of boaters, opening the stern and giving boaters an additional 2.75 m2 of usable recreation space on deck and a 360-degree line of sight around the boat. The Freestyler X’s safety and environmental pedigrees give family peace-of-mind, while allowing them to adventure together.

Good Design Awards Japan is the only comprehensive design evaluation and promotion mechanism in Japan. Together with G Mark, it has been recognised by design experts and the general public in Japan for more than 60 years, and has continued its activities to make people’s lives and society better through design.

The Good Design Awards Australia showcase the very best in design and innovation to a worldwide audience. Originally established in 1958 under the banner of the Industrial Design Council of Australia, the Awards have been setting the international standard for good design for more than six decades.

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