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Luxury motor yacht destroyed in Father’s Day fire – Nautilus Marine Insurance there to help

Father’s Day celebrations for the owner of the 90ft Andiamo were put on hold with news of a fierce inferno on board their luxurious motor yacht in Sydney.

Numerous triple 0 calls were made on the evening of the first Saturday in September this year as locals and staff of Woolwich Dock in Sydney became aware of a serious fire taking hold on board one of the motor yachts moored within the complex.

Woolwich Dock, once the largest dry dock in Australia, was completed in 1901 and the now Heritage listed complex remains part of Sydney’s working Harbour. The dock is home to a wide variety of vessels as shipwrights and other marine experts continue to ply their trade.

Covered by Nautilus Marine Insurance, the vessel named Andiamo was moored within the dock with no one on board when the fire took hold causing her to later sink to the bottom. Emergency services were quick to the scene with firefighters securing the area. Mindful of the potential for the fire to spread, a Woolwich Dock team member moved other vessels moored nearby away from the fire.

The Nautilus Marine Insurance team were alerted by the owner and initiated an immediate response with expert staff onsite early Sunday morning as the situation was brought under control by the fire department and the area contained by the police.

The Loss Adjustor and Marine Surveyor for Nautilus Marine Insurance made their initial situational assessment by mid-morning Sunday and, as a result of the strategic decisions made in consultation with such bodies as Sydney Ports, NSW Maritime, and the Environmental Protection Authority, immediately commenced environmental impact containment.

Micheal Lieberman, Loss Adjustor and Marine Surveyor for Nautilus Marine Insurance, has a clear list of priorities in situations such as these. “Whilst all salvages are different, the priorities remain clear. Once the actual incident is under control by emergency services, we need to contain the site to lessen any environmental impact. By mid-morning Sunday we had a salvage operator, divers, and a team deploying containment mats and scoops.”

Lieberman was thankful for the support from those involved. “Aside from the complexity of this particular salvage with the vessel wedged sideways across the dock, the operation’s success was due to the professionalism of all those involved. Sydney Ports had containment and absorbent booms in place, the large team of divers were constantly assessing the wreck status, and the staff of Woolwich Dock worked around the clock to assist.”

Natalie Fisher, Senior Account Manager at GSA Insurance Brokers in her capacity as insurance broker for Andiamo’s owner was complimentary of the Nautilus Marine Insurance team and their handling of the claims process. “The response of the Nautilus Marine Insurance team and their contractors has been at a level that confirms their well-deserved professional reputation. The speed that they responded, the constant communication, and the prompt discharge and payment made a very painful experience that much less stressful.”

The vessel was successfully lifted out of the water by the 16th of September. A complex salvage operation made more difficult by substantial water ingress making the weight of a potential mobile crane lift unviable in the time required. With containment booms in place, the vessel was floated by utilising numerous air bags put in place by a team of specialist divers, and guided onto the Woolwich Dock travel lift to be carefully raised and placed on land for forensic inspection.

Nautilus Marine Insurance CEO Lyndon Turner was one of the team onsite on the very first day. “I really do sympathise with boat owners in a situation like this. To see your pride and joy suffering such a fate is an emotional time, which is why it’s so important that boat owners receive support, reassurance, and professionalism through the claims process. Being there for our customers when it really counts is what Nautilus Marine Insurance is here for.”

With the discharge and claim payment being concluded, the vessel will be subsequently broken up for disposal. The Nautilus Marine Insurance Team remains involved in an active management role throughout the disposal process.

Quick Facts:

  • Fire took place the evening of 2nd September 2023 at Woolwich Dock in Sydney
  • Nautilus Marine Insurance assessor on site by 3rd September 2023
  • Vessel lifted out of the water 16th September 2023
  • Final forensic report received 29th September 2023
  • Claim payment made by 12th October 2023 to full value vessel was insured for.
  • All salvage costs paid by Nautilus in excess of client settlement.

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