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Leadership transition at Yamaha Motor Australia Group – Darryl Lovegrove Appointed YMA Managing Director

Effective 1 January 2024, Mr Darryl Lovegrove will assume the role of Managing Director of the Yamaha Motor Australia Group. A former Yamaha Motor Australia Director and Chief Financial Officer, Mr Lovegrove has spent the past three years on assignment in Japan as the General Manager of the Global Human Resources Division of Yamaha Motor Company (YMC). Current Managing Director, Mr Tom Okamoto, will conclude his Australian assignment on 31 December 2023.

Mr Lovegrove’s return to Yamaha Motor Australia brings proven leadership skills and a comprehensive understanding of the company’s strategic vision and operations. His extensive global experience, and that within the YMA family, combined with a deep understanding of the company’s values, positions him as the ideal leader to navigate Yamaha Motor Australia through the dynamic challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

After three successful years as the Managing Director, Mr Tom Okamoto will conclude his Australian assignment on 31 December 2023, as he returns to Japan. Yamaha Motor Australia extends its sincerest gratitude to Mr Okamoto for his dedicated service and significant contributions to the company during his tenure.

Welcoming Mr Lovegrove back to Yamaha Motor Australia and offering his congratulations on the next phase of his Yamaha journey, Mr Okamoto reflected on his three-year tenure.

“Despite the uncertainties faced during the Covid-19 pandemic and unique challenges post-pandemic, it was a great honour and joy to lead the Yamaha Motor Australia group,” he said. “The business foundation has been strengthened to the highest level in its 40-year history. I would like to convey my appreciation to all the stakeholders who have supported Yamaha in making this period successful. I also wish Darryl the success his dedication to Yamaha Motor and hard work deserves.”

Mr Lovegrove emphasised that Yamaha Motor Australia Group is uniquely positioned to capitalise on its sound commercial foundation and committed and passionate team as it takes on the challenge of meeting and surpassing the rapidly evolving expectations of its customers, dealer partners, and extended stakeholders.

“From the outset, as a Kando creating company, Yamaha Motor’s innovative spirit, corporate mission, and values have underpinned our strategic approach to market, and with our increased focus on the lives which we touch, it has never been more important that our activities reflect the best interests of the communities and environment in which we operate,” he said. “I look forward to the privilege, honour, and accountability of leading the YMA Group and would like to take the opportunity to recognise and thank Mr Tom Okamoto-san for the manner in which he navigated the organisation through uncharted waters of the past three years. I wish Tom-san every success in his new role in YMC.”

In addition to the change in Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Australia bids farewell to Mr Hendri Wijaya, the Senior General Manager of Sales and Marketing. Mr Wijaya has been integral to the organisation during his two-year secondment from Yamaha Motor Indonesia. The company expresses appreciation for Mr Wijaya’s valuable contributions and wishes him continued success.