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Two iconic jetties in the Limestone Coast get a new lease on life – South Australia

Upgrade works on the Beachport and Southend jetties have been completed by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport to ensure their long-term structural integrity and to boost marine activity in the Limestone Coast.

Upgrade works include:

  • refurbishment of timber piles, framework, and steel cross bracings
  • installation of new safety ladders
  • replacement of decking
  • replacement of damaged pile cap heads
  • repairs to the landings, handrails, and fenders (jetty protective buffers).

During the Beachport jetty upgrade, more than 450 sets of cross bracings were replaced on the underside of the jetty and over 2000 decking planks and supporting structural timber beams were also replaced. More than 300 cubic metres of replacement timber was used for the upgrade works.

More than 60 structural frames (bents) were completely replaced to guarantee the jetty’s lifespan long into the future.

Historical artefacts of the jetty have been donated to Beachport’s Old Wool and Grain Store Museum to preserve the town’s history, including sample portions of timber, cross bracing, and cross bracing clamps. A piece of timber that was inscribed by a crew member from The Exeter ship in 1918 was also donated to be displayed in the museum documenting the rich history of Beachport.

Pieces of timber that were reclaimed from the jetty as part of the replacement works were donated to the Beachport Rivoli Bay Lions Club. More than 30 cubic metres of timber have been gifted to the club to be repurposed in the community.

Southend’s jetty also underwent repairs which have now been completed. Four lower landings of the jetty were repaired, and two others were replaced after they sustained significant damage from swell waves in 2021.

The repaired landings were constructed using composite fibre reinforced plastic and is designed to be low maintenance and durable.

These upgrades were funded by the South Australian Government as part of its commitment to upgrade jetties, boat ramps and boating facilities across the state.