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Making Media Mavericks: WRFL and Spooled Magazine Forge Strategic Partnership

The Women’s Recreational Fishing League (WRFL) has announced its official media partnership with Spooled Magazine, a digital publication dedicated to providing anglers with engaging and innovative fishing content.

Spooled Magazine is renowned for its forward-thinking approach to angling media, embracing the digital landscape to deliver dynamic and captivating fishing experiences. As part of their commitment to fostering talent and creativity within the fishing community, Spooled Magazine has partnered with WRFL to launch an exciting collaborative initiative aimed at developing professional media skills among WRFL members.

This collaborative initiative, designed to empower WRFL members with the tools and knowledge to excel in the media space, encompasses a wide range of disciplines including videography, photography, magazine writing, blogging, and podcasting. Leveraging WRFL’s existing in-house development program, this partnership will provide members with access to expert guidance and mentorship from Spooled Magazine executives, allowing them to hone their skills and turn their passion for fishing into compelling media content.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Spooled Magazine to offer this unique opportunity to our members,” said Jo Starling, Founder and National President of the Women’s Recreational Fishing League. “This collaborative initiative represents an exciting new chapter for WRFL, as we empower our members to explore and develop their talents in the media space. We are confident that this partnership will not only enhance the skills and capabilities of our members but also provide valuable insights and inspiration to the broader fishing community.”

Through this partnership, Spooled Magazine executives will work closely with WRFL’s enthusiastic cohort to fine-tune their creativity and talent, helping them transform their unique perspectives and experiences into compelling expressions of fishing ingenuity and prowess. The resulting media content will be shared with the broader fishing audience, enriching the angling community with fresh insights and perspectives.

“We are excited to collaborate with WRFL and its talented members to elevate the storytelling and media capabilities within their fishing community,” said Rob Maya, founder of the magazine. “At Spooled Magazine, we’re passionate about supporting emerging talent and fostering creativity, and we believe this partnership with WRFL will provide an invaluable opportunity for members to showcase their skills and make a meaningful impact in the world of fishing media.”

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