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Marinas grow with personal watercraft storage and launching

Many marina owners know they can generate a modest income stream through daily personal watercraft (PWC) launch fees. More are discovering the real money is in drystack storage.

An all-electric PWC Launcher from CAPRIA S.A. is easy to add to any small, unused portion of waterfront—whether it’s a steep embankment, concrete seawall or second-story structure. The opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and owner revenue is now in place.

Perfect for incorporating into a new or existing drystack operation, CAPRIA PWC Launchers are CE-marked and built to ISO 9001 standards. They’re manufactured to accommodate virtually any location. Vertical travel can reach up to 30m with angles between 20° and 90°. This makes the machinery especially practical for marinas with extreme tidal fluctuations.

Operationally, it’s no different from a standard drystack business. Owners contact the marina to book a pickup time. PWCs up to 680kg are loaded onto the PWC Launchers using a CAPRIA semi-automated Stacker Crane or forklift. Then, it’s a mere five to 15 seconds until it’s in the water.

CAPRIA S.A. has manufactured precision heavy machinery for over 50 years, including marine systems for over 20 years. With low-cost drystack installations around the world, it has a proven record of solidly improving profits for its customers.