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OzFish calls on Aussie anglers for Clean Up Australia Day

OzFish is gearing up to take charge on Sunday March 3 for Clean Up Australia Day with their dedicated army of volunteers.

With more than 15000 supporters, OzFish is mobilising its manpower to target 18 waterways rec fishers love fishing in.

Craig Copeland, OzFish Founder and CEO says restoring vital fish habitat and protecting these often-fragile ecosystems are the hallmark of OzFish work.

“OzFish has been a long-standing supporter of Clean Up Australia Day. We pride ourselves in taking part every year. It demonstrates the collective strength and commitment of anglers in looking after Australia’s waterways.

“With the recent flooding events across the country, it’s a reminder that our rivers and creeks often carry the brunt of the build-up of litter.

“Just an hour of your time can make a massive difference and it’s a great feeling looking back on how one waterway can be improved by people power.

The clean-up events organised will focus on removing all types of litter from water bodies, shorelines, and surrounding areas. OzFish invites individuals, families, businesses, and community organisations to join in these important clean-up efforts.