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Member info session – Crown leases and Parks Victoria

BIAV is hosting Parks Victoria’s Psyche Payne and Jodi Heath for an Industry Information Session on crown leases.

This is an important topic for all marinas, businesses and clubs that hold a lease. Especially those that would like to hear what is going on, what the future may hold, and would like to be heard. BIAV member perspectives will be welcomed at the session. Psyche and Jodi are senior Parks Victoria officials with responsibility in this area and will address all queries, and will outline Parks Victoria and government initiatives.

This will be a convenient Zoom meeting at 4pm, Wednesday 6 March.

Other Details

  • Host – BIAV CEO Steve Walker
  • Guest presenters Psyche Payne and Jodi Heath, Parks Victoria
  • Audience consisting of BIAV marina, club, and other members.
  • Topics –
    • PV leasing update
    • Member concerns/queries
    • Roundtable Q and A

RSVP: please email by Thursday 29 February.

Trimmers enrol

BIA Victoria have said that it was great to see 32 potential trimmers kick off their 12-week TASWU taster program this week at Holmesglen. BIAV has worked hard along with colleagues from Textiles, Furnishings and Caravans to get the course in place, and to help address the drastic shortfall in trimming apprentices and resources. Photographed are two of the great teachers of the program in Garth (with the large group of new trainees), and Vince (photographed with BIAV CEO Steve Walker, Textile’s Ana Drougas, and Furnishing’s Dan La Franchi).

BIAV wish this new intake all the best for their 12-weeks and look forward to many of them filtering into marine trimming roles in May/June this year. Marine Trimmers that need an immediate worker or two, please contact BIAV’s Dan Brown . Some of them are ready to get going!

MMHN corporate opportunity

BIAV have said they appreciate the great work done by Melbourne Maritime Heritage Network (MMHN) and encourages BIAV members to consider a $300 corporate membership to support the work they do on a fully volunteer basis. This includes bringing together individuals and stakeholder organisations that share a commitment to fostering greater recognition of, and knowledge about, the maritime sector, offering seminars, networking, and protecting and celebrating maritime’s rich history. MMHN is also a valued Melbourne Boat Show exhibitor, an ally in terms of industry advocacy, and is very active in terms of addressing maritime skills issues. Please continue reading the more detailed message from the chair Jacqui Watts and here to visit the MMHN website.

Boating careers at the Paynesville Classic

Join BIAV and Boating Careers at the  Boat Rally & Maritime Festival from March 1-3, 2024. This award-winning, free event is set to draw over 10,000 visitors with a diverse fleet of classic boats; Tall Ships, sailing vessels, classic motorboats, skiffs, fishing boats, small crafts and more.

The Boating Careers exhibit will showcase opportunities in our great industry and currently available jobs. If you have vacancies, this is an excellent platform to promote the position and your company. For more details, reach out to Dan at .