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That feeling of winning! AkzoNobel Yacht Coatings Business celebrates top award win for Global Influencer Marketing project

AkzoNobel’s innovative ‘That Feeling’ influencer campaign, celebrating the yachting and boating lifestyle, has landed a top prize in the Neptune Awards, organised by the Marine Marketers of America.

AkzoNobel took first place in the Influencer Marketing category for its year long campaign featuring some of the boating world’s leading online personalities.

‘That Feeling’ featured contributions from Lisa Blair, Martine Grael, Kahena Kunzaall, Monique Richter, Riley Whitelum, Elayna Carausu, Jason Marshall, Janaye MacDonald, Curtis Jazwiecki, Kate Gladieux and Kate Sawyer.

Lisa Blair prior to her 2022 record attempt, sailing solo non stop and unassisted around Antarctica

These high profile industry influencers all celebrated the feeling of being on the water. From the splash of the waves to the smell of sunny days, the perfect day out on the water is why people fall in love with boating, and it’s ‘That Feeling’ the campaign aimed to capture.

That feeling paired with the pride that comes with maintaining their boats played out on various channels and across four peaks in the calendar year, in different parts of the globe.

Matt Anzardo, Global Marketing Segment Manager for AkzoNobel’s Yacht team, says: “This ambitious piece of brand storytelling perfectly captured the emotions associated with the moments of being a boat owner as well as the global reach of our brand as the sector leaders in the yacht coatings industry.

“We painstakingly selected the right industry influencers to engage and inspire our customers and boating enthusiasts worldwide with their authentic experiences of ‘That Feeling’.”

“We hoped we’d created something special with this group and we thank the Marine Marketers of America for recognising this effort.”

The prizes were handed out at a ceremony held as part of the 2024 Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show.

The Neptune Awards judging panel said: “AkzoNobel have done a wonderful job of harnessing the power of respected, leading influencers to share the pride and passion of ‘That Feeling’ of being on the water.

“It envelopes an emotional connection to the water and boating while leveraging the entertainers of the industry. Very well done!”