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Freedom Boat Club Australia Welcomes its 100th Member

Freedom Boat Club Australia Welcomes its 100th Member as its Innovative, Subscription-Based Model Expands the Boating Community

Freedom Boat Club Australia, today announced its 100th member who recently joined the Brisbane location. This milestone underscores Freedom’s established foothold in the market after initially launching its best-in-class subscription boat share model last year. Since establishing its presence in July 2023, Freedom has grown to nine locations including Sydney, Pittwater, Lake Macquarie, Gold Coast and Brisbane, has grown its fleet to 28 boats and continues to expand boater participation with more than 100 members.

“This is an exciting milestone for Freedom Boat Club Australia and demonstrates our passion for creating a pathway for everyone to enjoy the local waterways through our subscription-based boating model,” said David Kurczewski, General Manager, Shared Services Asia-Pacific. “The reception from the market has been incredibly positive and we’re energized to continue our accelerated growth in Australia and beyond as we aim to make boating broadly accessible.”

As Australia’s largest boat club operator, Freedom offers its members unparalleled access to their local fleet of boats in additional to access to the Company’s global fleet of more than 5,000 boats across more than 400 locations. Members pay a one-time entry fee and monthly membership fees to experience walk-on, walk-off boating. Freedom maintains its fleet of boats, handling the insurance, storage, repairs, cleaning and having the boats fuelled prior to each outing, so members can maximize their time on the water.

“After learning about Freedom Boat Club, we knew the boat club was the perfect fit for us,” said Andrew Johnson, Freedom’s 100th member in Australia. “My partner and I are avid water sport enthusiasts, but we were ready to find a simple, easy and inexpensive outlet to enjoy the water with friends and family. Freedom Boat Club provides the whole package giving us access to many different types of boats, as well as the premium dockside service, so we can focus on what’s most important – making memories on the water.”

Globally, Freedom has more than 400 locations and 90,000 members serving as the world’s largest boating community. In Australia, the boat club model continues to be well-received by the market as an entry point to enjoy the on-water lifestyle without many of the limitations that come with fractional or syndicate ownership. As part of Freedom’s mission, the Club is committed to removing barriers and expanding boater participation.

“This is a significant milestone for Freedom Boat Club Australia, and on behalf of the Brisbane team, we are thrilled to contribute to the Club’s continued growth and expansion with this momentous achievement,” said Brett Bolton, Owner, Freedom Boat Club of Brisbane.

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