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Makocraft to launch new flagship model at SCIBS

Makocraft Boats, manufacturer of Australian alloy boats, has announced its latest flagship model, the 731 Island Cab.

Joining the Island Cab HT range, Makocraft say “this new addition promises to elevate the standard of coastal fishing-friendly plate boats with its innovative design and enhanced features.”

Positioned at the larger end of the Island Cab HT range, the 731 Island Cab is will stand alongside its predecessors, including the Makocraft 591 Island Cab HT and the current flagship, the 631 Island Cab HT. Makocraft owner, Tim Stessl, confirmed that the decision to introduce this new model was driven by the expressed desires of their loyal customer base.

Makocraft 591 Island Cab

Makocraft 691 Island Cab

“Our customers expressed a desire to venture further into the open waters, prompting the development of a larger vessel. The new 731 Island Cab HT boasts a robust 5.0mm bottom and comes standard with a checker plate floor, offering an array of premium features not found in the existing Island Cab HT models. We’ve listened to our customers’ feedback and ensured that this new flagship model meets their demands for enhanced performance and functionality.”

Tim Stessl

“Given the ambition of our customers to explore distant horizons, it was imperative to accommodate their need for extended range and endurance. As a response, the 731 Island Cab HT will feature a substantial 350-litre fuel tank, surpassing its predecessors by an impressive 100 litres. This expanded fuel capacity ensures that adventurers can embark on longer journeys with confidence, without the need for frequent refueling stops.”

Mr Stessl said it was a testament to Makocraft’s commitment to delivering not just a vessel, but an experience tailored to the aspirations of our customers.

Makocraft will officially release the new model at this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, which runs from May 23-26.

In addition to the latest release, Makocraft will showcase several new models, including the 631 Canyon Console ‘Cross Over’ and 425 Commander HD Open, alongside perennial favorites such as the 561 Canyon Console, 445 Commander Pro, and Australia’s top-selling tinnie, the 376 Topper Tracker.

Makocraft has welcomed long term-partner, Dunbier Trailers to their stand, giving visitors the opportunity to discover Dunbier Trailers’ range alongside the Makocraft display. This will provide customers with options for a complete boating solution or a standalone re-trailer.

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