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Marine Rescue Newcastle crew completes evening assist after sailor notices no fuel on board vessel

Volunteers from Marine Rescue Newcastle have assisted three people on board a 12 metre yacht after the skipper noticed the fuel tank was empty while heading up the Hunter Coast on Sunday 7 April.

Marine Rescue Newcastle Unit Commander Lyn Van Homrigh said the vessel was 18 nautical miles (33kms) southeast of Newcastle when the skipper of the Logged On yacht radioed for assistance.

“The vessel was sailing to Port Stephens when they became aware their fuel tank was empty.

“Yachts require fuel for when they are heading in and out of harbour, for close quarters maneuvering around marinas and in the event the sails or mast have been damaged.

“While sails are a yachts primary source of propulsion it is important sailors carry sufficient fuel for their intended passage,” she said.

Unit Commander Van Homrigh said a volunteer crew was assembled with rescue vessel Newcastle 30 deployed just after 5:20pm to assist the yacht that continued sailing towards Newcastle Harbour until the Marine Rescue NSW vessel met them.

“Newcastle 30 reached the yacht swiftly with all three crew on board safe and well.

“NC 30 shadowed the vessel into Newcastle Harbour before our crew rafted the yacht and took it safely to the Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club fuel wharf.

“Conditions were favorable allowing our crew to provide a safe and swift response.

“The three crew on board the yacht were grateful for our assistance and the fact the skipper was Logged On with Marine Rescue NSW enabled a more efficient response.

“Logging On with Marine Rescue NSW via the free Marine Rescue app or VHF channel 16 ensures our volunteers keep watch for the safe return of boaters and allows us to quickly locate vessels requiring assistance.

“The crew on board the yacht refueled, anchored safely in Newcastle Harbour overnight and are now continuing their journey north,” Unit Commander Van Homrigh said.

Marine Rescue NSW is a volunteer based not-for-profit professional organisation dedicated to keeping boaters safe on the water and supporting local communities.