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Global Celebration Marks Inaugural World Boating Day with Nearly 50 Events Across the Globe!

The inaugural World Boating Day, celebrated this past weekend, witnessed an unprecedented outpouring of enthusiasm and participation from boating enthusiasts worldwide. With nearly 50 events hosted across the globe, the occasion served as a testament to the universal love for boating and the collective commitment to make boating and superyachting more accessible.

World Boating Day has opened the doors of the boating, yachting and superyacht sectors to introduce and engage with the wider public and showcase what boating is, how accessible it can be, the positive impacts the industry can have, and the career opportunities it offers.

This unique, global experience brought industry professionals and the public together on an unprecedented scale in a celebration of everything boating, creating an overwhelmingly positive response.

The Weekend full of boating

From bustling coastal cities to serene inland waterways, communities came together to embrace the spirit of World Boating Day and indulge in a myriad of boating activities. In Australia, the day kicked off with events centred around the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, extending to other coastal cities across the continent with 22 events. The celebrations encompassed various facets of the boating industry, highlighting its diverse and vibrant cultures and organically uniting local communities with actors of the industry.

“Riviera was proud to open our gates on Saturday, May 25 as part of the World Boating Day celebrations. Visitors had the unique opportunity to see and learn about the full build process of a Riviera luxury motor yacht. No doubt taking part in such a tour creates a much greater understanding and appreciation of the skills and qualities required to build world-class motor yachts.” shared Stephen Milne, Marketing Director of Riviera Australia.

As the rest of the world awoke, they joined Australia in the festivities of World Boating Day. People of all ages and skill levels were treated to a wide range of activities, including relaxing boat tours, exciting sailing regattas, educational workshops, and hands-on boatyard experiences.

Farouk Nefzi, Head of Marketing of Feadship expressed his view, stating, “With the very first World Boating Day, Feadship aimed to showcase the craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication behind the superyacht industry. It’s not just about building yachts; it’s about creating added value for owners, fostering employment, and preserving maritime production capabilities in the Netherlands. We’re celebrating the beauty of enjoyment on the water and highlighting the hard work and knowledge that makes it possible.”

Participating companies and organisations echoed Farouk Nefzi’s sentiments, emphasising the positive impact of World Boating Day around the world. Massimo Casoni, General Manager of Benetti expressed “We are very pleased to have participated in the first edition of World Boating Day, especially given the enthusiasm shown by the public from the very beginning. This event provided a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our strong relationship with the local community and share our passion for yachting with a broader audience, eager to discover our world. In just one day, our Benetti headquarter in Livorno welcomed more than 1,500 visitors, both adults and children, entertaining them with several activities. I believe this kind of event helps positioning the yachting industry as a symbol of excellence to be preserved and offer professional career opportunities for future generations.”

From superyacht builders to sailing schools, marinas, and maritime organisations, World Boating Day offered something for everyone. Pioneering companies in nine different countries—Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, France, the UK, Croatia, and Isle of Man—organised their own local events, inviting people and their communities to join in the celebrations.

“We were pleased to host a technical tour of our shipyard for students from Istanbul Technical University,” remarked Tugba Sengun, Marketing Director of Bilgin Yachts. “Engaging with these future industry professionals was incredibly rewarding. As a company, we deeply value the contributions of the younger generation to the future of yachting. We are excited about organising similar events in the future and look forward to participating in next year’s World Boating Day with even more impactful activities.” Building on Sengun’s positive outlook, Eva Janique, Marketing Director at West Istanbul Marina, added, “We loved feeling connected to other marinas, yacht manufacturers, and boatyards around the globe from afar. We’re grateful to have been able to take part in the first-ever World Boating Day and encourage all lovers of leisure boating to connect, even from opposite sides of the world.”

For ICOMIA, a key supporting organisation, the celebration could not have been more timely: “It is a great pleasure to be celebrating World Boating Day, whilst ICOMIA hosts its annual congress in La Rochelle. This gathering of industry leaders from across the globe allows us to discuss and to plan how we can collaborate to promote a safe, sustainable and successful future for boating.” reported CEO Joe Lynch.

A day of wonderment and learning for visitors

Visitors who attended the World Boating Day events also shared their enthusiasm for the festivities. Jens J. de Klerk, a 19-year-old participant at the Feadship De Voogt Design Masterclass, remarked, “As a young aspiring yacht designer, it’s amazing to get a glimpse into the inner workings of a major design studio like Feadship De Voogt; you get a peek into your dream world, seeing where you’d love to be in the future.” Alberto Frattoloni, a visitor at the Benetti Shipyard Tour, shared, “Behind every boat, there is a heart full of love. The extraordinary experience at Benetti opened doors for us, revealing the passion and craftsmanship behind the scenes and made us realise that boating represents freedom and exploration, making each voyage uniquely special and filled with heartfelt memories.” Daniel Mazzucchelli commented, “The global event was a great success because it brings together many people… who live by the sea, who work there, who practice sports, who love boats and everything that revolves around them in a full seafaring lifestyle! The event was managed in the best ways to fully appreciate and breathe the atmosphere of ‘Boating’!”

As the inaugural World Boating Day draws to a close, the Superyacht Life Foundation is already looking ahead to future celebrations. Plans are underway to expand the scope and reach of World Boating Day, to reach more people every year, and the 2025 dates will be shared soon on their website.

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