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Marine Rescue Jervis Bay crew saves three children swept offshore near Vincentia

A volunteer crew from Marine Rescue Jervis Bay has pulled three children from the water off Barfleur Beach after they were blown offshore on their watercraft yesterday morning.

Marine Rescue NSW Inspector Stuart Massey said radio operators at Marine Rescue Jervis Bay received a call for assistance just after 11am.

“Two boys on a kayak and another on a standup paddleboard were stranded around 900 metres from shore after they lost their paddles in strong winds.

“In consultation with NSW Police Marine Area Command a volunteer crew was immediately deployed on board rescue vessel Jervis Bay 20.

“A Navy chopper also provided aerial support.

“Jervis Bay 20 pulled the three boys out of the water and assessed them before returning them to family at Barfleur Beach.

“The area the boys were paddling in initially was well protected from the wind but unfortunately they ventured a little too far and got caught by the wind which carried them further away from shore.

“They were all uninjured and grateful for the assistance by the volunteer crew from Marine Rescue Jervis Bay,” Inspector Massey said.

The children aged between 10 and 13 were visiting the Shoalhaven with family from New Zealand.

“We got sucked out to sea and then lost our oars and we were stranded,” said 13-year-old Rocco.

Rocco said they waited for someone to come and stayed warm by cuddling together.

Mum Maraea was relieved when her sons were returned to shore safe and well by Jervis Bay 20.

“I’m just so grateful that they’re back on land and that they all stayed together.

“I’m really grateful for your crew as well for getting in there, rescuing them and bringing them back to us safely,” she said.

Inspector Massey said the boys did the right thing.

“They were all wearing lifejackets, they stayed with their craft and close together which is exactly what people should do if they find themselves needing assistance offshore.

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