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Electric boat manufacturer hires new CSO from Tesla

The Copenhagen-based company RAND Boats, one of the world’s leading producers of electric boats, is now expanding its team with a new Chief Sales Officer to contribute to further global expansion.

A mission to restore harmony between people and the world’s oceans has driven RAND Boats to produce motorboats focused on electric propulsion. and higher efficiency for a decade. Since its establishment in 2014, the Danish company has gained great popularity in the European markets. The next step in the effort to create sustainable change in the motorboat industry has now been taken: the hiring of the experienced sales professional Andreas Tjørnehøj as Chief Sales Officer.

Andreas Tjørnehøj has led Tesla in Denmark as Market Lead for the past two years. Prior to that, he spent 12 years as part of the team behind tech giant Apple, including roles such as Sales Planning & Operations Manager in Northern Europe.

“I am truly looking forward to being part of RAND Boats’ journey. Through my conversations with the team, I have gained great insight into their unique approach to design, production, and product development. I believe we can achieve significant growth and make Danish-designed boats even more accessible and popular worldwide.

It is incredibly exciting to see how RAND Boats has already moved towards electrifying their model range. I am convinced that we will see a transformation towards electric boats, similar to what we are witnessing in the transportation sector. I see great potential in RAND Boats and had no doubt when the opportunity to join the journey presented itself. After taking a break from sailing for a few years, I am also looking forward to many good hours on the water with some fantastic products,” says the new CSO at RAND Boats, Andreas Tjørnehøj.

The leadership at RAND Boats also expresses great enthusiasm for the new hire.

“I am incredibly pleased that Andreas is joining the RAND Boats team, where he will bring his unique skills in accelerating the transition to sustainable energy. His valuable experience is essential for us to take the next steps in our 2030 plan, which has an ambitious goal of restoring harmony between people and the world’s oceans. With Andreas on board, I am confident that we can achieve our goal of spreading Danish-designed electric boats globally,” says Carl Rand, founder and CEO of RAND Boats.


RAND Boats’ 2030 plan to restore harmony between people and the world’s oceans includes five sub-goals: delivering a product for all recreational boating activities, developing intelligent mass production, achieving net-zero boating, making boat ownership easy, and making boating accessible to the masses.

In recent years, this has led the company to design and produce a total of 10 different boat models – with even more on the horizon – that cover most recreational boaters’ wishes and needs, from speedboats like the award-winning Source 22 to cruisers like Breeze 20 and the solar-powered catamaran Solara 33. All models in the portfolio are offered with either electric or traditional motors.

RAND Boats has 37 dealers worldwide and is represented in the USA, Australia, Turkey, and several European markets. The company was founded in 2014 by Carl Rand, who continues to serve as designer and CEO.

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