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ENAUTIC unveils exclusive WaveFlyer Founders Limited Edition Series

Enautic have unveiled the Founder’s Edition WaveFlyer models at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. ENAUTIC showcased the ‘Founders Editions’ of their highly acclaimed WaveFlyer VOLARÉ and WaveFlyer ROGUE models, crafted by their core technology team based in Perth, Western Australia. The response from visitors and exhibitors was very good, highlighting the excitement and enthusiasm for this exclusive product batch, offering boating enthusiasts a chance to experience the future of watersports firsthand.

WaveFlyer VOLARÉ – The Epitome of Elegance and Efficiency

Debuting in July 2023, the WaveFlyer VOLARÉ impressed customers and industry insiders with its patented WaveDrive technology. It reaches speeds of 20 knots, has a 100km range, and cruises for 4.5 hours. A rapid 1-hour charge ensures minimal downtime. The VOLARÉ has garnered an impressive order book and received the ‘Gold Good Design Award’ in the Automotive and Transport category, recognising ENAUTIC’s pioneering work in marine technology and sustainability.

WaveFlyer ROGUE – A PWC Unlike Any Other

Building on the VOLARÉ’s success, ENAUTIC introduces a new electric foiling PWC concept, the WaveFlyer ROGUE. This model retains the innovative features of the original while pushing the boundaries of personal watercraft experiences.

Introducing Limited Edition Models with Superior Craftsmanship

The Founders Editions of the VOLARÉ and ROGUE models maintain all the beloved features of the originals but boast a new swim platform, enhancing the day boat experience. Handmade by ENAUTIC’s team, these models use pre-preg RFP hulls baked in an autoclave for optimum weight and strength and are custom painted with 2-pack epoxy

Each craft comes with a certificate of authenticity, unique serial number, and distinctive Founders’ Edition badge. Production begins with a minimum order of 20 units per model, ensuring personalised attention and factory support for every customer.

Paul Steinmann, ENAUTIC CEO, highlighted the craftsmanship and exclusivity of the Founders Editions: “This is an opportunity for discerning customers to purchase the very best that we can produce, and to be supported directly by the factory.”

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