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Suzuki Begins Trial Introduction of Sustainable Marine Fuel in the United States

Suzuki Motor Corporation’s subsidiary in the US, Suzuki Marine USA, will participate in a project aimed at promoting the widespread use of sustainable fuel for recreational boating.

This project is an initiative by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (hereinafter NMMA) to promote the adoption of sustainable fuels as part of their efforts to decarbonise recreational boating. Suzuki Marine Technical Centre USA (Panama City, Florida, hereinafter “Technical Centre”) has begun a trial introduction of Hyperfuels PurFuels™, a sustainable fuel for marine use, contributing to CO2 reduction.

Hyperfuels PurFuels™ is a sustainable fuel that can be “dropped-in”; it can be used in all existing gasoline outboard engines without any special adjustment. It is made by refining cooking oil waste, plant-based materials, etc. This specific formulation of PurFuels™ reduces CO2 emissions by 30% more than E10 (ethanol blended) fuels at the same renewable content.

Suzuki Marine USA will conduct trial introduction of Hyperfuels PurFuels™ in its daily development operations at the Technical Centre to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Additionally, in collaboration with NMMA and local stakeholders, we will participate in a project to promote widespread use of sustainable fuels in marinas in the Florida Panhandle. Starting with a city-owned marina in Panama City, we plan to expand the project statewide in the future.

Through the introduction of sustainable fuel, Suzuki will contribute to enriching the boating experience of customers in the United States and achieving carbon neutrality of our marine business.