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Virtual Marina Management Software Vendor Seminar on offer

Marina Industries Association (MIA) will be holding a virtual seminar allowing vendors to demonstrate their Marina Management Software offerings.

Modern business is dependent on technology for improved productivity, performance and accuracy when providing service to all business stakeholders. Good software is a huge asset for business, poor software can be counterproductive.

This seminar allows Marina Managers to hear from suppliers who will demonstrate their products, explain who they are and what they do and put forward a case for why their company can fulfil their business needs.

MIA say, “Are you considering an upgrade or are in the process of changing your marina management software? MIA’s Online Marina Management Software Seminar will provide a great opportunity to canvas major Marina Management Software suppliers and their products on one day. It will be the easiest and most efficient way for marina operators to consider the key suppliers?”.

The seminar will run on Tuesday 9th November from 2pm at it will run for 90minutes.  Registrations are required to participate. Participation is free for members, a registration fee is required from non-members.

Click here to learn more or to register