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Well-being at work: Poralu Marine strengthens its commitment to employee satisfaction

“Put what’s essential at the heart of what’s important” summarises the managerial philosophy of Laurent Gasiglia, CEO of Poralu Marine. For several years, he has considered well-being at work – an essential component of the performance and development of any company – at the heart of the group’s business activity. Today Gasiglia’s ambition is to make employee satisfaction a major part of his business strategy and to reinforce the development and support of talent in the group.

To this end, Poralu Marine has created the position of manager of Human Harmonisation and Outreach and has hired Laura Terrollion, an expert in HR management. This unprecedented role, which breaks away from conventional approaches to management, will ensure that Poralu Marine’s values of protecting each person’s well-being at work and sharing pleasures are meaningful and respected.

Well-being at work, a powerful driver that strengthens a company’s performance

In its day-to-day business activities, products and services, as well as in relations with all its stakeholders, the well-being of people is at the heart of Poralu Marine’s activity and comes before economic performance.

“A company must first and foremost be a real force for social change: its economic profitability, which is essential to its viability and longevity, is a means to serve this force and not an end in itself. Corporate citizenship, responsibility and commitment begin at the very heart of a company’s daily activity, in the way it behaves with its employees, its customers, its suppliers, all its stakeholders and, more broadly, its ecosystem,” explained Gasiglia.

Poralu Marine, a positive energy business

Poralu Marine is a socially responsible company that aims to have a positive impact on its environment and to improve social relations: wherever it operates; when pleasure is shared, performance is enhanced. Keeping promises and mutual respect are the foundations of relations between staff.

The Group is committed to a “better corporate life” approach, which is summarised in the concept of the Poralu Spirit combining team spirit and a commitment to serving its clients with open-mindedness and humility. The Poralu Spirit is not mere words but is lived on a day-to-day basis. The secret of Poralu Marine’s durability is staying true to its values, drawing pleasure from the actual work and believing in the potential of each individual.

The company’s managerial philosophy is upheld by two principles: enjoying work and helping staff grow

Gasiglia’s vision is based on straightforward values and a mindset that he wants to share and pass on to staff: enjoyment, simplicity, team spirit, humility, frankness, integrity, loyalty, enthusiasm and audacity. Spurred on by a genuine wish to help his staff grow, he makes it possible for each person to find their place and achieve their potential. Self- fulfilment and pleasure involve aligning natural talents in the workplace in a compassionate environment.

The company’s personnel must be accompanied, supported and encouraged in a frank open way as well as being trusted. Enjoying working together is also an integral part of his managerial philosophy. This may be in everyday actions, encounters or projects, during which, in Laurent’s opinion “we must dare to share pleasure within the company and between colleagues. Pleasure comes from sharing moments of joy, from wanting to engage in dialogue, filling up on positive thoughts and surrendering to enthusiasm.”

To make sure staff fulfil their potential at work and to promote harmonious staff relations, Gasiglia has created a new position that disrupts conventional management techniques.

H2O Human Harmony & Outreach

The new manager in charge of human harmony and outreach H2O is Laura Terrollion, who joined Poralu Marine in September 2021. As an enthusiastic HR professional, she is tasked with ensuring consistency in the company’s values and employee satisfaction. She is also in charge of professional fulfilment, staff enjoyment and employee well-being. Finally, her role consists of fostering a good social environment, which involves sharing pleasures and harmonising social relations.

“Changes in the way we collaborate give rise to new needs and sometimes require a readjustment of interpersonal relations. The creation of this new position allows me to guide employees in the complexity of the transformations intrinsic to company life. The employees know that I am there to listen to them and support them,” explained Laura Terrollion.

Laura’s role differs from that of a facilitator or a Happiness Officer in that she will back employees – either individually or in teams –who have actively chosen to develop their potential. “This may involve, for example, stimulating a particular skill or clarifying a professional project. The requests are varied. I use a questioning tool that I have created to help the person or persons. This method allows us to discover or foster the growth of each person’s strengths,” she adds.

Three questions for Laura Terrollion

Why did you choose Poralu Marine? I was attracted by the values of the company conveyed by the executive team and all the managers, as well as their insistence on the behavioural and motivational profiles of the talent they recruit. I passionately believe in the group’s business, social and environmental stance.

Can you describe a typical day? I roll out positive energy concepts in the firm, steer and supervise recruitment, and manage the onboarding and performance reviews of new staff. I also help managers improve their performance and supervise the well-being of staff.

What do you like about this role? The creation of the new role has given me a unique opportunity to share an entrepreneurial adventure in a changing environment with missions committed to doing good.