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Introducing the Australian Major Haul Out, Refit and Maintenance Directory

The Australian Commercial Marine Group (ACMG) is pleased to announce the release of a new publication on haul-out facilities in Australia. The Australian Major Haul Out, Refit and Maintenance Directory delivers detailed information on marine service providers with major haul-out capabilities located around Australia who service commercial vessels.

Presented on a state-by-state basis with location, types and number of lift options available, it also includes key information such as maximum tonnage and length capacities. The directory will provide easy access to core details for vessel operators when they are planning to haul out for annual refit and maintenance work.

This new release is the first edition and ACMG is committed to grow the directory’s’ list of service providers (with lifting capabilities) as they expand their research and capture of major facilities available in Australia.

Marine service providers with lifting capabilities who are not represented in this edition can be included in future editions, as will any upgrades or expansions in haul-out services for those already listed.

Jeremy Spear, President of ACMG said “This is an excellent publication which we believe all marine industry segments should make good use of. Whether your vessel is a working tug, a tourism operator, a rescue boat or a harbour ferry – all vessel operators will appreciate reviewing this new directory and future editions to come.”

For those companies wishing to be listed for inclusion in later editions, they can visit the Haul Out online form available on the ACMG website page and submit their lifting details. There is no charge to be listed in the directory.

Visit to access the online version of the Australian Major Haul Out, Refit and Maintenance Directory.