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The legacy of Steve Fisher – Rivergate’s Director of International Business

There aren’t many people that know the ins and outs of the superyacht industry quite like Steve Fisher, Rivergate’s Director of International Business.

Clocking more than 40 years of experience within the marine industry, Steve has held some incredibly honourable titles and positions – ranging from being a Director on the AIMEX Board of Directors, to winning the 2014 Superyacht Industry Champion of the Year Award.

However, one of his proudest achievements to date is helping Rivergate develop into the world-renowned refit destination it is today.

When asked what he wants his legacy to be when he calls it a day on his illustrious career, his answer was simple – to leave Rivergate as a reputable and thriving business.

“I want to leave Rivergate as successful as possible, and for the business to have a first-class reputation in the industry,” Steve said.

“However, a profitable, respectable company is on the agenda every day of the week for me.”

Despite his legacy, a career in the marine industry was not always on the cards for Steve.

He started his journey as an Officer in the Australian Army, gaining his Master qualifications and a science degree, before working in the offshore marine industry.

He then joined the Rivergate team as the CEO some 15 years ago – a position he thoroughly enjoyed before deciding to retire.

His retirement didn’t last long, however, as Rivergate asked him to come back in a new capacity as the Director of International Business.

In this position, Steve’s role is to look after Rivergate’s global customers, which often involves travelling the world and meeting with superyacht owners face to face to discuss their refit and maintenance needs.

“Our reputation in Europe is really, really strong,” Steve said.

“I’ve been going to the Monaco Yacht Show for 14 years now. People know us, they know our history and they know our reputation.”

While he loves every facet of the role, including the travel, the impressive vessels and seeing a job well done for his customers, it’s the people he works with that keeps him coming to work.

“I enjoy working for Rivergate’s owners. It’s a very professional organisation, they’re very loyal and they’re honest people. Their integrity is beyond question and it’s a pleasure to work for them.”

Rated as one of the top three shipyards in the world for refit and maintenance, it’s not just the expertise and meticulousness of Rivergate’s tradespeople that ranks highly with owners but also the level of customer service from our project managers that’s unmatched. To learn more about Rivergate’s project management and superyacht capabilities, click here.