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Motor Life Passion web page launched

Yamaha Motor Australia has announced the launch of Motor Life Passion, a new blog-style web page at

Yamaha says that the name “Motor Life Passion is a combination of three elements that provide the means for what we do. Yamaha Motor encompasses the wide range of products we manufacture for work, for play, and to make everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable. Lifestyle is what we all choose when purchasing and enjoying Yamaha products, and Passion for the Yamaha brand is something we share with our customers and dealers”.

Motor Life Passion features the stories of people, places, and lifestyles touched by Yamaha. These stories have been created through Yamaha’s rich history and its corporate activities with the purpose to inspire others to make their own Motor Life Passion memories.

Yamaha said “We hope you enjoy the regular editorial and video content from our customers, dealers and staff across Australia and New Zealand, as well as around the Yamaha globe. We also look forward to sharing your Motor Life Passion story”.

Corporate Branding Department Communications Manager Chris Dobie will head the Motor Life Passion project.

“From motorcycles to marine products, urban mobility, next-gen technology, environment issues, and so much more; every day millions of lives around the world are connected to Yamaha in some way. The driving force behind Motor Life Passion is to share some of these amazing stories.”

Visit the new Motor Life Passion web page