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Luxury yacht destroyed by fire in Queensland marina

Nautilus Marine Insurance swiftly responds.

The peace of Hamilton Island in Far North Queensland has been disturbed by a fire onboard a stunning Sunseeker 82 motor yacht, Time Out.

Emergency services attended the Hamilton Island Marina on the morning of the 24th October as the blaze broke out. The marina staff swung into action efficiently and effectively, working with firefighters to contain the flames with crew from the yacht having provided that critical first response.

Nautilus Marine Insurance, were immediately responsive providing the expertise that has earned them a well-deserved reputation in the marine market. Within one day their Loss Adjustor and Marine Surveyor was at the marina managing the incident site to minimise any environmental impact. The Nautilus Marine Insurance claims team was equally responsive; with the vessel owners’ insurance claim approved and accepted within seven business days for a sum in excess of $1,500,000.

The fire onboard had caused the yacht to sink to the seabed which indicated the intensity of the fire and severity of the damage to the hull. Within such a pristine environment this was of immediate concern to the insurance team who had immediately organised professional divers to secure any potential for pollution damage.

Assisted by a range of photos provided by the yacht mechanic, the diver operation was very successful with the required lines being blocked and the fuel contained. The site is being monitored constantly with additional resources being utilised as soon as required.

Micheal Lieberman, Nautilus Marine Insurance’s Loss Adjustor and Marine Surveyor is onsite at Hamilton Island. “As a professional I have attended many salvages and none of them are ever the same. The Nautilus Marine Insurance team started the site management for this incident as soon as we got the call with team members being on a plane to the island within hours.”

Lieberman went on to highlight the complexity of the situation “Being a large vessel resting on the seabed the issues with this salvage are manifold and, like all incidents in marine locations, must be carried out with an abundance of caution and consideration for the environment and local community.”

Time Out owners representative Tom van Vliet was keen to praise both the Nautilus Marine Insurance and Hamilton Island Marina teams for their response to the incident. “Having Time Out destroyed by such a devastating fire has been very upsetting for everyone involved. However, both myself and the owners have been comforted by the support we have received from both the Hamilton Island Marina team and the Nautilus Marine Insurance team. The fact our insurance claim has been accepted so quickly has given us peace of mind and the ability to move forward from a very distressing situation.”

Citadel Insurance Director Nicholas Bedggood, in his capacity as insurance broker and adviser for the owners of Time Out added, “We’ve been very reassured by the speed and efficiency of the Nautilus Marine Insurance Team. The team, working closely with marina staff, have gone above and beyond what they expected. To also receive the news that within days that the resulting insurance claim has been discharged has reduced the stress levels of everyone involved substantially!”

Nautilus Marine Insurance CEO Lyndon Turner, a keen boater himself, understands what the yacht owner must have been going through. “Events like this are very concerning, emotional and, frustrating. Boating is such a fantastic pastime and a Text

Description automatically generated passion for our customers so we are proud to stand by them and provide first class support and service in times of need, that’s what we are here for.”

Turner was also quick to thank all of those involved. “I’d like to thank the enduring support of our lead loss adjusters, our partners at Zurich, our claims teams, the marina staff at Hamilton Island, salvors involved, government departments, our customer, his insurance adviser, plus the many others involved, and still involved in this matter.”
With the salvage and subsequent investigation of the cause of the blaze onboard the 25-metre yacht ongoing, the Nautilus Marine Insurance Team remain onsite in an active management role.

Quick Facts:

  • Fire took place 24th October 2022 at Hamilton Island Marina.
  • Boat fire lasted approx. 10-12 hours before vessel sunk.
  • Nautilus Marine Insurance assessor on site by 25th October 2022
  • Claim approved and accepted within seven business days for in excess of $1,500,000
  • Complex multi-stage salvage operation to remove the vessel by expert team still on-going. Item

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