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The Cairns Maritime Careers Open Day showcase the thriving Marine Industry

Marine Jobs successfully delivered The Cairns Maritime Careers Open Day on May 13th, bringing the Cairns Marine Precinct to life. Held at TAFE Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef International Marine College, the event attracted an impressive turnout of 1228 visitors eager to explore the variety of career opportunities available in the marine industry.

The Open Day featured more than 30 businesses representing diverse sectors such as reef tourism, manufacturing, defence, supply chain, sustainment, commercial shipping, and superyacht industries. Attendees, which included Hon Dianne (Di) Farmer -Minister for Employment and Small Business and Minister for Training and Skills Development and Mr Michael Healy -Assistant Minister for Tourism Industry Development had the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and gain insights into the extensive range of opportunities the marine sector has to offer.

The event was interactive with guided tours through the renowned Shipyards of Austal, Norship, and Tropical Reef Shipyard for the attendees. Visitors could engage in discussions and witness firsthand the state-of-the-art technologies and facilities driving the industry forward. The shear enormity of the sector was a first ever experience for many career seekers who, in some cases, travelled from as far as the Cape York town of Bamaga, some 12 hours north of Cairns.

In addition, the Open Day showcased on-water emergency scenarios through dynamic demonstrations of fire and ship sinking simulations. Informative presentations on topics such as the future of the Marine Industry, Marine Apprenticeships, and Females in the Marine Industry provided attendees with valuable insights and inspiration. The event also featured a live radio broadcast from STAR 102.7, giving attendees a unique and interactive experience.
David Good, CEO of Superyacht Australia, said, “The Cairns Maritime Careers Open Day showcased the abundance of career opportunities in our thriving marine sector. We are proud to have been part of this event and remain committed to supporting the growth and advancement of maritime careers in Australia.”

The Cairns Maritime Careers Open Day was made possible through collaboration with key partners, including the Queensland Government, Super Yacht Group Great Barrier Reef, Regional Jobs Committee Cairns, Jobs Queensland, Cairns Chamber of Commerce, Workforce Australia, TAFE Queensland, Great Barrier Reef International Marine College, and Marine Jobs.

With over a quarter of all career seekers registering their interest to work in the industry via the Marine Jobs platform, we are excited to continue our support to the region as we collaborate with local business to address the regional skills crisis.

Marine Jobs looks forward to hosting similar events across Australia, promoting the growth and development of the sector as we showcase local careers and global opportunities.

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