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Silver Yachts Announce Collaboration with Fraser

Following the successful launch and handover of H801 MY SpaceCat – SC36M in Oct 2022. Silver Yachts commenced construction of H802 under contract and H803 is being built to specification in our Australian Shipyard.

With the unique Espen Øino external design and spacious vibrant interiors, the SilverCat Series offers style, space, performance, and value that is exclusive in the market.

To further increase our marketing and sales capability, we have established a central agency sales agreement with Fraser to streamline and promote H803 to an even wider audience. We are impressed and confident in Fraser’s belief in our SilverCat series, their experience, reputation, and vast network, which sits perfectly with our Silver Yachts brand.

“Fraser is delighted to have been appointed by Silver Yachts as the central agent for the sale of SilverCat Hull 803. The 36-meter SilverCat is one of the most exciting projects available under construction in today’s market. Designed by Espen Øino, the elegance and extensive volumes are a perfect combination for potential owners searching for performance, stability and comfort. With changing trends and requirements in yachting, Silver Yachts has been the leading luminary in bringing to life new designs. Hull 803 will be shortly ready for delivery, a unique opportunity to personally customise and create a timeless, luxurious yacht with unparalleled quality.” Said Peter Redford, Director of Fraser Australia

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