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Australian Sailing on the lookout for #NextGen Foiling stars

The fast paced and exciting world of foiling has started to make its mark on the world of Olympic Sailing.

The iQFOiL is set to make its debut as the equipment for the windsurfing class at the Paris Olympic Games, with Grae Morris having earned Australia a nation quota at the recent Allianz Sailing World Championships in The Hague.

The fledgling foiling board regularly attracts over 400 competitors at youth international competitions and over 200 in the open competitions.

Meanwhile the Wing Foil is fast becoming one of the most sought-after water sports across the globe and has started to make inroads on the racing scene.

Australian Sailing has a strategic objective to build depth in the women’s iQFOiL class and to start building a talent pool in the wing foil class. While speculative around Olympic class status for the wing, for Australia it also serves as a respectable foiling pathway class in terms of safety, performance, and cost.

In early 2024 Australian Sailing will be running their inaugural #NextGen Foil program, which will identify and assist sailors interested in transitioning to the foiling board classes. The program will be delivered in Brisbane in conjunction with the Queensland Academy of Sport.

Australian Sailing are on the lookout for female sailors who have an interest in developing their skills in the classes with a view on competing at the highest level in the future.

Australian Sailing are also after male sailors or current foilers who are interested in joining the wing program.

Prerequisites for the program are:

  1. Commitment to the program
  2. Skilled sailor and good racer
  3. Risk taker and highflyer
  4. Quick decision maker
  5. Curious learner

The yearly program will be run by the QAS at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron with regular structured sessions throughout the year. Initial camps will be run in January 2024 as an initiation to foiling and the program, with the potential for regional camps aligned to other youth sailing initiatives.

High performing sailors throughout the program may have the opportunity to integrate into regular QAS training when an identified level of performance is achieved.

This is an exciting opportunity to fast track female foilers and male wing foilers into the performance pathway and enhance Australia’s coaching capability in the foiling board classes to support Australian Sailing medal prospects for 2028 and a home games in Brisbane in 2032.

Please compete the Expression of Interest form to begin the journey today.