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2024 Offshore Superboat Championship return to Geelong

The Superboats return to Geelong, South West of Melbourne for Round Two of their 2024 season. The Offshore Superboat Championship (OSC) is in action on Corio Bay’s natural and impressive amphitheatre, right in the heart of Geelong.

Australian Offshore Powerboat Club Commodore, Antony de Fina said, ”The 30-minute races commence on Saturday March 16 at 1pm with our SuperSport 65 class. Then at 2pm we have SuperSport 85 and Supercat Outboard classes. At 3pm the SuperSport 65 class returns to the track, which roars right past the Wangim Walk wave attenuator that you access of Steampacket Gardens.”

“The SuperSport 85 and Supercat Outboard classes have their first race at 11am on Sunday March 17, followed by the SuperSport 65 class at 12noon, then the final race of the weekend is at 1pm with the SuperSport 85 and Supercat Outboard classes once more. Presentations will follow at 2.30pm right in front of everyone at Steampacket Gardens.”

The Sting from Queensland is utterly unmissable

The Supercat Outboards in full flight

“Please do come and see the racing that comes right in close to shore from Cunningham Pier to Eastern Beach, and walk past the boats tied to the inside of Wangim Walk, as well as talk with the crews in and around the pit area. Everyone loves racing at Geelong. This is a unique event at a world class venue. Geelong is not just one of the best boat racing venues in Australia, it really stands up globally, too.”

“We get such a welcome at Geelong from everyone. We are very thankful for the support of the City of Greater Geelong and all of the spectators,” concluded de Fina.

Every team is keen to be there, whether it be to reclaim some lost pride after Round One at Wyndham Harbour, or try and stretch out their lead before the travelling show heads to Queensland for the final two rounds in the next few months.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the 2024 season has to be the continued ballooning of the SuperSport 65 class, which is the entrée level to the OSC. Many craft can achieve the 65mph level, but the skill in not going more than one mile per hour over that mark, or face disqualification is what is attracting many powerboaters, fishos and ski racers to this special division.

It is quite possibly the closest action, and the start at 10-deep across the line is something to behold. Hary Bakkr and Shane Paton on board Nut Case are once more right in the mix for season honours, but are also acutely aware that this is a game of total consistency.

Bakkr makes the famous Razorcraft boats, of which one is his race craft, but the team could well be best known for the magnificent Green Army that follows them to each and every venue. Relations and friends adorn the pits and viewing areas. “We just love going past the Green Army along the piers and foreshore. It gives us a little bit of a shiver when we see that. You often see Shaney give them the big fist pump. We just fly past, and I try to give them a wave if I can, and then around we go once more.”

“It is also terrific to have people come into the pits to talk with us after they see our black and lime green boat. This complete interaction is something that Geelong delivers in spades, and we love that. It is incredibly competitive, and when it gets a bit lumpy it really adds yet another dimension to it all,” said Bakkr in closing.

An abundance of cafes and restaurants means your own pit stop is never too far away either, and this too is part of the allure of the Geelong round of the Offshore Superboat Championship. The two open cockpit classes travel at 105 and 137km/h, respiectively. The enclosed Supercat Outboard class with twin 300hp motors on each hull achieve 180 km/h, and are possibly best known for how well they corner, meaning they do not have to wash off a lot of speed as they go around the banana shaped course tucked right in close to the Western end of Corio Bay. Head for the Ferris Wheel and you will be exactly on target.

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Always close – the SuperSport65 class on Corio Bay.

Nut Case  followed by Special Edition

The SuperSport 85. The Colonel, Special Edition and C-52

The Mantis blasts past Geelong’s famous Ferris Wheel

The Colonel completing another lap as it heads to Wangim Walk

Mayor Trent Sullivan in the Supercat Outboard, The Mantis