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Seawind 1170 on Display at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show 2024

The all new Seawind 1170 will make its official Australian boat show debut at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show May 23-26 with exclusive distributors, Multihull Central.  A detailed test sail video of the Seawind 1170 has been filmed demonstrating all sailing angles and ease of use for the shorthanded sailor.

In a new major strategic move for the Australian owned manufacturer, Seawind has opened a brand new production facility in Turkey building the Seawind 1170, offering Mediterranean delivery, or shipping back to Australia. Three new Seawind 1170s have already been ordered for Australian delivery.

The incredible success of the Seawind 1370 has inspired Seawind to design a smaller version around 40 feet. This is only hull number two of this brand new production model featuring a stylish new shape similar to its bigger sister the Seawind 1370, with greater headroom and volume throughout yet still fantastic performance, thanks to its double chine hull. The new generation of Seawind still stays true to Seawind’s DNA though with forward opening windows in the saloon and massive living spaces thanks to the tri-fold doors.

Seawind CEO Richard Ward comments, “For me, the Seawind 1170 is the perfect size for cruising as a couple with the occasional guests. Which is how most boats are used. It is especially suited to a couple such as Kerry & myself because of our age physical strength.”

“Everything is manageable by us, from raising sails, to reefing, to using the screecher or spinnaker. Sails are not so huge or so heavy. Sails on a 55ft cat are massive and the cloth is often as heavy & stiff as cardboard. Hard to raise, hard to reef, hard to pack away.

On a smaller cat, maintenance is easier & much less expensive.  Docking is much simpler & the mooring lines are less heavy. A smaller boat can get into smaller bays or places a bigger boat cannot.”

The Seawind 1170 shares the best proven design features of the Seawind 1160 & 1260, further developed and packaged into a new set of modern lines. 100% new tooling, underwater shape, interior moulding, styling, and finishes.  Ergonomics, layout, and functionality are in common with the Seawind 1160 and 1260.

It has forward cabins featuring two queen beds, with the port forward cabin offering a very generous island queen bed with side tables similar to the 1370 and with much more headroom and volume throughout than earlier models, with a forward hanging locker, storage midships and generous aft bathroom standard.

For more information about the Seawind 1170 visit their website HERE