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Maritimo further expands its global dealer network into Asia

As Maritimo expands its global dealer network into Asia, Maritimo’s exclusive dealer in Japan, Eins A Resort, describes the arrival of these premium Australian-built motor yachts as the ideal product at the perfect time.

Established in 1989, Eins A Resort represents high quality imported and domestic boats, and provides service and support at their Osaka headquarters, and through their dealer network across Japan.

Eins A Resort’s sales manager, Hideki Morooka said he was impressed the quality of build and styling of Maritimo motor yachts and that the range would suit the Japanese market.

“Maritimo is already attracting interest from our clientele, particularly in the 55 to 75-foot segment,” he said. “They are attracted to the sturdy construction, long-range cruising capabilities and luxurious features for guest comfort on board.”

Mr Morooka revealed that one of his clients was in the market for a motor yacht, and described his “ideal boat”, which they then set about researching.

“We looked at a wide range of boats from the US, Australia and other regions, and we chose the Maritimo M55. The client is so thrilled with the delivery of their Maritimo, which lives up to his vision of the ideal boat.”

As Mr Morooka explained, “Our clients love their boating and they are experienced boaties, so the Maritimo brand suits their capabilities and experience on water.

“The largest concentration of offshore motor yachts are in the Tokyo Bay Area, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe and the area from Setouchi to Kyushu and Okinawa.

“With our clients, the lifestyle is key in this area. It is a resort playground with Seto Naikai (Seto Inland Sea) in easy cruising distance from many of these marinas. Our clients love their fishing and long-range cruising.”

Known for its moderate climate, calm waters and scenic coastline, Seto Naikai is Japan’s largest national park separating Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, three of the four main islands of Japan and connects the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Japan. It stretches over 400 kilometres from Osaka to Kitakyushu and the archipelago comprises 3,000 islands.

The Maritimo hallmarks of superior hull design, stability and sturdy build are appealing to these intrepid boat owners, who appreciate Maritimo’s craftsmanship in the contemporary styling, luxurious appointments and on board amenities.

“Our clients are looking towards a larger style of boat,” continued Mr Morooka. “The 55 to 75 foot motor yacht is becoming increasingly popular. We have had great support from Maritimo on the delivery of this first boat. Ross Willaton’s decades of experience with Maritimo made this delivery, handover and training so easy.”

Maritimo Shipping and International Service and Warranty Manager, Ross “Rossco” Willaton flew to Osaka to work with the Eins A Resort team and technicians for the delivery and handover of the latest Maritimo to arrive, an M55, which he described as “an enlightening experience”!

“They are a very professional and well-established operation, with a massive showroom and warehouse in Osaka. They are also official Volvo Penta representatives which fits perfectly with Maritimo.

“Their technicians know their way around boats and were immediately at ease aboard the M55. They were thrilled with the vessel and thankful of the support. We’re looking forward to delivering a fleet of Maritimo motor yachts into this region.”

Mr Morooka concluded, “We are proud to represent Maritimo in Japan and will welcome many more deliveries across the range.”