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Maritime fee increases come into effect from July 1

Maritime licence and registration fees will increase from July 1 as NSW Maritime moves to invest more money into waterway safety measures.

The new minimum fee for a general boat licence will be $77 and $245 for a general personal watercraft (PWC) licence.

Registration or registration renewal of a vessel will now cost a minimum of $89, or $483 for a personal watercraft (PWC).

Mooring fees, aquatic licence fees, and replacement and transfer fees will also go up on July 1 under the regular annual CPI increase.

Transport for NSW Maritime Executive Director Mark Hutchings says the maritime community will directly benefit from the increased revenue.

“The money from these fees will be re-invested into vital activities carried out by the NSW Maritime team,” says Mr Hutchings.

“We understand that no-one likes a fee increase, but this is a necessary change to ensure NSW Maritime can continue conducting safety-critical activities on our waterways.”

“We want to make our waterways safer and more enjoyable for all users, whether you’re a boater, yachtie, jet-ski rider or kayaker.”

Key maritime safety initiatives that will see increased funding include:

  • The Maritime Safety Plan 2026.
  • Funding for on-water safety operations.
  • Investment in critical assets to promote safe and accessible boating.

Personal watercraft (PWC) users will be subject to the largest fee increase due to a significant increase in the number of PWC riders on NSW waterways, with PWC licences and registrations up by more than 40 per cent since 2018.

“With the significant increase in the number of PWC riders on our waterways, it requires more funding and resources to regulate and educate this growing community of waterway users.”

“Safety is always our number one priority, and these fee changes will allow us to keep doing what we do best.”

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