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Nine people rescued in separate incidents on the water in Sydney this morning

NSW Maritime is reminding boaters to wear life jackets after nine people were rescued in two separate incidents on the water in Sydney today.

At 9:45am today NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers responded to four people in the water near the third runway in Port Botany clinging to their over turned vessel, with only one person wearing a life jacket. All were retrieved from the water by Maritime Boating Safety Officers, conveying them to Foreshore Road boat ramp to be assessed by awaiting ambulances.

At 10am today NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers were called to Frenchmans Bay in Port Botany, following reports a vessel sinking near the shore – No one was wearing life jackets and the five occupants made it to shore.

Principal Manager Sydney Region for NSW Maritime, Damian Logue said this is a timely reminder to people that the water is an unforgiving place and you need to take the appropriate measures and preparation before venturing out.

“If NSW Maritime wasn’t in the area this could have very easily resulted in a tragic outcome,” Mr Logue said.

“We want people to enjoy the water but more importantly we want them to get home safely. If you’re not wearing a lifejacket, it can’t save your life.

“Thanks to the quick thinking and skill of our Maritime officers everyone who was rescued and able to get back to their loved ones.”

It is a skipper’s responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone on their boat, which includes ensuring everyone is wearing a lifejacket. The fine for not wearing a lifejacket is $250.