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Boating restrictions proposed for Wellington Dam in W.A.

Removing the water ski area and limiting access to allow electric powered, sail and paddle craft at Wellington Dam are proposed as part of potential changes at the popular South West waterway.

Department of Transport (DoT) Director Waterways Safety Management Chris Mather said community feedback was now sought as part of the Wellington Dam Aquatic Use Review (AUR).

He said the proposals were the result of initial consultation with key stakeholders including Shire of Collie, Harvey Water and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

Image – Russell Ord Photography

“There is stakeholder support for the removal of water skiing at Wellington Dam following the gazettal of Lake Kepwari for water skiing last July and the continued additional availability of nearby Glen Mervyn Dam for the activity,” Mr Mather said.

“Stakeholders want to preserve the area’s natural amenity by preventing the use of motorised vessels with combustible engines at Wellington Dam and restricting use to only electric powered, sail and paddle craft.”

In 2014 when the Wellington Dam water ski area was gazetted, DoT committed to undertake an AUR if water skiing was given the green light at nearby Lake Kepwari.

Mr Mather said feedback from regular users of the dam and the broader public was important and the AUR process ensured changes to the use of the dam reflected community views.

“While the purpose of every review is to ensure the safe, equitable and sustainable use of a waterway, our considerations also include the opinions of the community,” Mr Mather said.

For more information about the aquatic review, or to make a comment on the proposals or participate in a survey about the changes visit the My Say Transport website.

Comment on the proposals is sought until 17 December 2021.