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Get your hands on a pair of Zhik‘s new gloves

Zhik’s newly launched Elite Gloves and Deck Gloves make the perfect Xmas gift!

Unique to both ranges is the new Gecko style silicone pad for enhanced grip and the addition of a finger tab to make removing wet gloves easier.

Zhik Elite Gloves

Designed for high performance sailors Zhik’s new Elite Glove range is made with an exceptionally durable Amara® fabric and are available in long and short finger models. Further resistance to wear and tear comes from a highly abrasion resistant Elite PU coated palm and finger panels. Really useful for high speed sailors and foilers is the moulded impact protection that prevents knocks to the back of the hand.

A unique ‘Gecko’ style silcone lower palm pad provides exceptional grip on wet decks, spars and guard rails. Designed with 3D ergonomic styling for easier flexing, grip and an excellent fit, the gloves have low profile, stretch wrist band. This gives uninhibited wrist flexion and avoids overlap with outer cuffs, mid-layers and watch straps.

These high grip gloves use reinforced Kevlar stitching and low profile seams between the fingers and joints. There is double reinforced panelling in high wear areas and perforated panels allowing airflow and fast drainage. A handy middle finger tab enables wet gloves to be quickly removed.

Available in sizes XS to XXL.


AUS $ 74.95

NZ $ 84.95

Deck Gloves

Zhik’s new Deck Gloves are ideal for cruising, dinghy sailing and for watersports enthusiasts seeking all-round hand protection.

Made with a highly durable Amara® fabric they feature a ‘Gecko’ style silicone palm pad for high levels of grip, which is especially useful when moving around a larger boat or cruising yacht.

The high stretch outer panelling allows for easy hand flexion, is perforated for increased airflow and is fast drying. Heavy-duty stitching and double reinforced panelling adds protection and durability. The low profile wrist panels allows free and easy movement and the 3D ergonomic design shapes the gloves for a close fit. A useful middle finger tab means the gloves can be easily removed.

Elite and Deck Gloves come in sizes XS to XXL.

Available in UK late October 2022, via Zhik dealers &

Available now in rest of the world.


AUS $ 59.95

NZ $ 67.95