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Events Committee Bolstered

BIA Victoria has announced it has refreshed its Events (Boat Show) Committee and welcome Chloe Richardson (Sundance Marine), Jake Broadhead (Geelong Marine World), Matt Inman (R & M Marine Services) and Michelle Hope (Nautek Marine). They will join Charlie Micallef (Savage Seas), Anthony Cooke (Moose Marine), Katrina Muir (BIAV Mkt/Events), and Steve Walker (Chair/CEO).

Recent departures were two of the committee’s long-term servants in Scott O’Hare and Greg Walker. Greg’s departure matches with his retirement from JV Marine after a long and highly regarded period in the industry. We understand to spend more time with family and his motorbikes. Scott won’t be going far as he dedicates his BIAV time to the President role, which he took on after the April AGM. Scott’s role on the Events Committee over many years has been enormous. BIA Victoria thanks both Greg and Scott.

The refreshed committee will advise and guide with regard to the 2023 Melbourne Boat Show, whilst also taking a look at event planning, and the needs of boat show exhibitors for 2024 and beyond. BIA Victoria looks forward to their valued input and towards great planning to meet the needs of our boat show exhibitors and the industry as a whole over coming years.

Melbourne Boat Show Filling Fast

In the few days since Exhibitor applications have been open for the 26-29 October Melbourne Boat Show at Docklands, there has been a flurry of interest and a great deal of the space is taken. The on-water marina opportunities are virtually over-subscribed and additional options are being sought. Please do not delay if you are after marina space so your needs can be factored in to the mix.

Waterfront (on-land) space is approaching 75% with almost all of the 2022 sites taken. Please make your application ASAP so that you can be part of the best possible site plan, and one that suits your needs.

Melbourne Boat Show takes place from 26-29 October at Docklands, building on the great success of the 2022 event in the same but expanded location. Boats, boating and boating lifestyle will be celebrated along more than a kilometre of displays, entertainment, infotainment, catering and networking, right in Melbourne’s CBD.

Marine Safety Regulations

During 2022, BIAV worked very closely with Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) and the Department of Transport (DoT) as the Marine Safety Regulations were reviewed for the decade.

Generally, the outcomes of the review were favourable, and we were pleased with what has just been released. This can be viewed at Marine Safety Regulations 2023 along with the statement of reasons that were uploaded to the Engage Victoria website last Friday. The Regulations come into effect immediately.

One of the things to note was, pleasingly, the continuation of marine licencing without the costs and complications of practical testing. Hull Identification Numbers (HINs) were in the discussion, however that has been deferred to being dealt with on a national basis, which is good. Additional regulatory burden has not been placed on PWC usage, which is also great news. There’s a shift to VHF radios over 27 Mhz radios. One thing we expected, that has not been achieved, is the inclusion of mobile phones as an alternative to Flares. The age of a child in terms of supervision has increased from 10yo to 12yo.

Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) will be engaging with recreational boaters to offer public sessions in the new boating season and we will keep you posted on these sessions.

Lake Eildon Houseboats Regulations – 12 Month Extension

The Water (Lake Eildon Recreation Area) (Houseboats) Regulations 2013 were scheduled to sunset (expire) on 12 June 2023 and have been extended by another 12 months. The Minister for Water and Premier approved the proposal to extend the current regulations given the need to undertake an additional consultation and testing work program to ensure that the remade regulations are fit for purpose. So the remade regulations are now scheduled to commence in June 2024 with exposure (draft) regulations to be available for public consultation later this year.

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