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Australian Sailing launch Key Instructor, Coach and Official Resource

Australian Sailing has announced the launch of its Instructor, Coach and Official Development Strategy.

One of the key Strategic Projects promised under the Grow pillar of our SAILING 2032 Strategic Plan, this strategy will pave the way for the future growth of participation in sailing. The strategy is designed to modernise how we support the development of instructors, coaches and officials with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to excel in their roles and deliver the best possible experiences at all stages of sailing.

The Instructor, Coach and Official Development Strategy is just the beginning, and activates a long-term plan of change in how Australian Sailing supports the people who are fundamental to the future growth of sailing. The work underpinning the strategy has begun with surveys and consultation with the Instructor, Coach and Officials network. The voices and feedback from our Instructors, Coaches and Officials will guide a new learning and development framework and subsequent progressive change to achieve the Strategy.

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The Strategy is set out in four stages and is expected to be achieved within 3-4 years. Success of the Instructor Coach Official Development Strategy will be viewed as “An Inspiring community of instructors, coaches and officials who together deliver and elevate sailing whilst learning and growing themselves, others and the sport.”

The strategy includes four focus areas:

1. Put people first
2. Accreditation is accessible
3. Connection, collaboration, and inspiration
4. Future focussed sailing

The strategy will be delivered in four phases. Currently as we explore, we are evaluating and reviewing what we have been doing, including all national training programs, how people are learning and what we can do better. We are reviewing how we can reduce barriers and ensure training is accessible and inclusive, and increasing the quality of experience for the instructor, coach and official. We aim to provide a consistent approach to education; this includes essential skills in coaching and officiating.

The review will activate some early changes for the current and future Instructor, Coach or Official, and internal changes in how Australian Sailing works, from e-learning and face-to-face course changes, through to procedural administration updates that aim to simplify and improve experiences for all.

You may have already seen some recent initiatives begin to change how we do things and how we can support the Instructor, Coach and Official, including:

  • Sharing of knowledge in communities through Coach Development webinars (from June – Nov 2023)
  • “Training in Focus – Live” events for Instructors and DSC Principals (from March – September 2023)
  • Free e-learning training that is role specific, for example Race Management Team roles: The Mark Layer, The Committee & Finish Boat, and Training Centre Team roles: Discover Sailing Centre Induction (for Principal/Lead Instructors)
  • Trials are underway in simplifying revalidation for Instructor and Coaches with multiple accreditations.

Australian Sailing CEO, Ben Houston, said, “This is an exciting time for Australian Sailing. The Instructor, Coach and Official Development Strategy will provide vision for instructors, coaches and officials in how collaboratively we can develop skills, knowledge and the community to ensure participants have great experiences in sailing and will ensure that we continue to produce world-class sailors, instructors, coaches and officials.”

He also noted the importance of partnering with Instructors, Coaches and Officials to ensure the future success of the sport.

“We believe that this strategy will play a crucial role in the success of SAILING 2032 and is a whole of sport alignment to grow sailing and provide opportunities to performance and the world stage for those who choose,” he continued.” We are committed to developing people in sailing, and we look forward to seeing the benefits of this strategy for years to come.”

The Instructor, Coach and Official Development Strategy has been developed through collaboration with the whole sport, as well as industry experts and stakeholders. The future focus is based on best practices from around the world, as well as the latest research and trends from Coaching and Officiating at the Australian Sports Commission.

The launch of the Instructor, Coach and Official Development Strategy is an exciting development for Australian Sailing and the sailing community in general. By providing comprehensive and ongoing training and development support to instructors, coaches and officials, Australian Sailing is helping to create a more vibrant, accessible, and successful sailing community in Australia and enable clubs and classes to deliver quality sport.

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