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GMBA starts 2024 ensuring expert coverage continues in key market

GMBA has announced the appointment of David Barrow to represent GMBA in the key UK market following the resignation of incumbent David Lewin.

With the global marine sector under pressure like so many industry sectors right now, it is critical for organisations like GMBA to be able to offer relevant support to businesses. David Barrow brings to GMBA a wealth of experience and expertise. In 2022 David wrote a document for ICOMIA on “How to Set Up International Distribution Networks” and developed a database of some 350 possible distributors for new companies to investigate.

Given so much of the GMBA focus for clients in recent times has been on developing distribution networks Davids’s expertise will be highly sought after.

David has worked in manufacturing as director of Sparcraft, and as aftersales director of Ancasta, and since 1991 Managing Director of Barrow International working between manufacturers and distributors or OEM’s. David has a successful track record of setting up distribution arrangements for companies that are now market leaders such as Spectra Watermakers, Wave International, and Tylaska Marine Hardware, Sailtec Marine Hydraulics to name but a few.

Jouko Huju, GMBA Finland stated, “David’s network almost has a legendary status within the industry, and like all GMBA advisors can reach global connections who can either implement a solution, or know someone who can.”

Veda Pretorius, Chairperson of GMBA stated, “it is with a heavy heart we accepted David Lewin’s resignation. He has been a driving force for GMBA from the start. As the first Chairperson of GMBA he has left a proud legacy having worked to set the scene for the continued growth and success of our consultancy group.”

GMBA has seen a surge in interest from many businesses who require support to develop new markets, need access to quality networks and supply chains and most of all need someone to help navigate the many issues they are faced with when entering foreign markets.

Those wishing to contact GMBA in Australia can do so through MaryAnne Edwards  or call +61 412 916 036
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