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New South Wales Superyacht Guide

In partnership with Destination NSW, Superyacht Australia has produced a New South Wales Superyacht Guide with key information for visiting superyachts on marinas, marine services and local attractions to assist with itinerary planning.

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Marine Estate triannual snapshot

The purpose of this snapshot is to provide key stakeholders and the community with regular progress updates on the implementation of the Marine Estate Management Strategy (the Strategy). This snapshot includes updates on notable project highlights and informs stakeholders of key deliverables in the first trimester, Year 4.

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Marine Estate Strategy implementation annual report 2020-21

This Marine Estate Management Strategy Implementation Annual Report (the Strategy Annual Report) describes the annual progress of the ten-year Marine Estate Management Strategy 2018–2028 (the Strategy). The Strategy Annual Report describes annual progress of the Strategy actions and initiatives, risk management and finances. This report is the third annual report and covers the third year of Strategy implementation from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.

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Guide to the Model Work Health and Safety Act

The materials presented in this publication are distributed by Safe Work Australia as an information source only.

The information and data in this publication are subject to change without notice. Safe Work Australia makes no statements, representations, or warranties about the accuracy or completeness of, and you should not rely on, any information contained in this publication.

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National Standard for The Australian Builders Plate for Recreational Boats

Edition 5 – Published 5 June 2020

Endorsed by the Transport and Infrastructure Council

Published by the Australian Recreational Boating Safety Committee

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Post update: Further to the above document, ANZSBEG publish a number of useful guides.

The source for these guides is:

ABP FAQ Edition
ABP FAQ Boat Builders ABP FAQ Boat Dealers ABP FAQ Imported Boats ABP FAQ General Public
Better Australia: Securing the foundations for a stronger and smarter future

Better Australia: Securing the foundations for a stronger and smarter future

Produced and Published by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)  – 19 October 2021

At the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) Business Leaders’ Summit ,  ACCI launched their vision for a “Better Australia – Securing the foundations for a stronger and smarter future”.

This document is informative and has an excellent insight into our business environment.  A must read for any Business Leader.

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National Coastal Safety Report 2021

Produced and published by Surf Life Saving Australia.

The safety of all people in, on or around water is paramount to everyone.  This excellent report outlines the factors of associated with drowning.  It also references interesting data relating to boating.

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Further Information about Surf Live Saving Australia can be found here :

Marine Estate Management

NSW Government Marine Estate Management Strategy Quarterly Report June 2021

Published by NSW Government – September 2021

MEMS Quarterly report – April to June 2021

The latest quarterly report is now available.

  • The international oyster reef restoration conference
  • Estuary foreshore management strategies
  • Climate change threats to seagrass, mangrove and saltmarsh
  • Planning to protect marine wildlife and
  • The Private Mooring Map website.
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